Behind the Boards: Jay Dee Flip Another Beat For Me

Posted On Monday, January 28, 2013

J oh man....J Dilla...the 1st time I heard was this track off of Beats, Rhymes and Life called "Wordplay"...I was in my man Montez's jeep (when I hear a hip hop song or any song for that matter that's CRAZY...I can remember the time, place, where I was, what I was doing when I heard it) and I was AMAZED @ that beat...the drums? The drums? Dilla's drums are undeniable...NOBODY has better drums then Dilla...ANYONE can have their engineer sit there for 5 hours and tweek their drums and turn up a snare but Dilla's beats were coming straight from cd going staright into pro the cd! The engineer can't tweek anything coming from a CD so when you heard Dilla's was just that...Dilla's engineer doing tricks...and cats who don't make beats may not find that important or amazing...but is! It's funny cause the knock I had on Dilla for years was he only does that "peace people" music...yeah he can do a track for the Roots, Common, Mos Def, Erykah, etc. but he can't do nothing with my Brownsville Bombers or with Ghost...then he flipped his whole style...see cats don't understand that Dilla ushered in the sound that cats called Neo Soul...I remember getting my hands on Jill Scott's sampler and thinking "damn, Dilla getting that R&B money now!" So, it of course blew my mind when I read the credits when the album dropped to find that Dilla didn't prodcuce anything!!!!! That whole Jazzy Jeff, Touch of Jazz crew JACKED Dilla's style! DJ Jazzy Jeff, A Touch of Jazz, Jill Scott, Muisq, Floetry, Glen Lewis...ALL them cats need to be taking care of Dilla's family for the next 30 years cause without Dilla's style...they wouldn't exist! So I'm sure Dilla was like, ya'll bit my style, cool , ya'll can have it...I'll give ya'll something else....then came Donuts and the infamous Dilla beat CD's...whcih made Dilla prove me wrong...that he could make a track for MOP, Ghost, or anybody for that matter! And now cats are biting that style too!!!!! There's a rack of producers that LITERALLY follow Dilla like a road map....first they were biting the neo soul they're biting the "Donuts" Jay! Now how many producers come out with their own style, have EVERYONE bite it, change their style again, and have everyone bite it AGAIN!?!?!?! By the way...Dilla's my #2...

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Dilla's Corner

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Jay Dee's Coner

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