Secret Wars: Catwoman

Posted On Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Aiight, since Marvel hasn't been coming with it lately I'm still rocking with DC. So next on the menu for me is Catwoman. To be honest I don't even know why I downloaded this jawn. Catwoman was never one of my favorite villans ('til Halle played her that is) but I did think it was an ill concept to read a comic from the villans perspective. So I dive in and from the door the writing team lets me know these aren't the same comics I grew up reading. Let's put it this way, throughout the first issue you see Catwoman in a bra 3 times and she bangs Batman. Yeah, you read that right, she BANGS BATMAN! Again, I've been out the comic game for over 20 years easily so this may not come as a shock to anybody else but this is the kinda stuff I WISH they were doing when I was ten years old cause I damn sure would've spent a lot more time in the house reading comics! But once you get past all of the lingerie and sex (if you wanna get past it) Catwoman's storyline is kinda ill. This chick isn't try to take over the world or destroy Gotham City, shorty's just a thief looking for her next score. And if you're a hustler, you gotta respect shorty's grind. The basic storyline here is Catwoman's always looking for her next heist while Batman watches from a far. Some dudes are after Catwoman and they kill her best friend and fence to get her attention but frame her for the crime. (kinda like Marlo coming after Omar) So Catwoman's got the dudes looking to kill her, the cops looking to arrest her, Batman's ever watching eye and her always looking for the next heist all the while trying to find a new fence to get rid of her merchandise. Sound like an ill storyline? It is.


  1. I'm trying to figure out why Batman isn't trying to protect his investment. Like, if he banged her three times in the book, you would think him watching her from afar would be more like, "yo, let me keep her from getting arrested, or popped by one these cats that's hunting her down because I might want to smash again real soon." I'm just saying, if I was Batman and banging cat woman.... dead that, Batman is a G regardless of what stance he takes. Thanks for reminding me that Batman was a DC comic and not Marvel? I'm mad I just admitted that isht.


  2. LMAO! I feel you fam. Batman is more cut from the Marvel cloth then the DC so I get why you could forget it. I'm with you on Batman protecting her and I think for the most part, that's why he keeps the close watch on her but you know dude...he ain't even gonna let some trim get in the way of his morals with fighting crime. Good looking for the comment fam!


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