Secret Wars: The Avengers vs. The X Men

Posted On Thursday, May 24, 2012

When I heard this was dropping I HAD to jump on this jawn. My favorite crew (the X-Men) against a crew of cats I never really rocked with (outside Iron Man)...yeah, I'm on board. So the plot is simple. The phoenix force is coming to earth for Cyclops and Jean Grae's daughter, Hope Summers. The Avengers wanna scoop her up to protect the earth since no one knows if she'll be able to control the phoenix and the X-Men wanna protect her which leads to these two squads going at each other's necks. Sounds dope right? Well, right now this jawn is starting off like Season 2 of The Wire...real slow. I'm up to date with the series but I'll be the first one to tell cats that this jawn is NO WHERE as dope as what I thought it would be. And we can start with the bare basics with something as simple as the art. For a comic of this magnitude I would think Marvel would break out the big guns for this but this looks like my daughter and her kindergarten class are doing the art. (and that's NO dis to my daughter cause she's nice on the art tip) And to be honest there's not really much of a storyline going on here either, just a bunch of sub par fight scenes. Not to mention, I know I've been out the comic game for a minute but when did Wolverine and Spiderman become Avengers and when did Sub Mariner get down with the X Men? Neither here nor there, lets just hope Marvel can turn this around cause I'm actually enjoying a RACK of these DC New 52 comics and I NEVER thought I would be enjoying DC over Marvel but right now...I am.

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