I Can't Call It: Covert Coup - Currensy and Alchemist

Posted On Monday, May 2, 2011

One of my favorite new tv series is HBO's "Treme". Since David Simon is the executive producer, I think a lot of cats were expecting the New Orleans' version of the Wire which is exactly what Treme isn't. Treme is about New Orleans getting it's footing (if you can call it that) back after Hurricane Katrina. But my favorite part of Treme is the music. Learning about the town's musical richness is why I'm so excited that Season 2 started back up this past week. But while watching episode 1, the first thing that came to mind about New Orleans for me was one of my new fave mc's, Currensy. Now, I know from being in countless discussions about hip hop that Currensy is one of those mc's that you either hate or love, there's really no in between with him. But I think his newest project, "Covert Coup" with Alchemist manning the boards might sway some of those cats to come over to the Jet side.

The album sets off with "BBS" and sets the tone for the entire album and "The Type" featuring Prodigy has P sounding his best since "Hell On Earth." "Blood Sweat and Gears" featuring Fiend follows right in line with more head banger boogie and "Smoke Break" is so smooth, it makes me wanna get high...and I don't smoke! "Scottie Pippen" featuring Freddie Gibbs is just flat out stupid and Gibbs GOES IN on his verse and "007" is so dope...we really don't even need to speak on it. I know both Currensy and Alchemist are some of the world's finest weed connoisseurs but whatever they were smoking when they made this album, the rest of the recording industry needs to be smoking it...ASAP! Like Currensy says "I ain't the weed man/nope/but if you give me 15 minutes I'll call my folks/he'll be at the door." I know cats swear by "Pilot Talk 1 & 2" but this is EASILY my fave Currensy release to date and if you give it one good listen...I'm sure it'll be yours too.

4 outta 5

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  1. Man, you're spot-on with this album review. I can't wait for CC 2...Holy fuck, that's going to be so sick!


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