I Can't Call It: Late Night and Early Mornings - Marsh Ambrosius

Posted On Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Marsha Ambrosius has one of the beautiful voices I've ever heard. I remember the first time I heard Floetry's 1st single "Floetic" I was looking straight like " how these Touch of Jazz cats gonna use Smif 'n' Wessun's "Bucktown?" That was until I heard Marsha's voice, then the sample jacking was forgiven. Who was this chick? I liked Floetry as a duo, they were mos def a good combination but no matter the time or the song, I was always just waiting to hear Marsha sing. And when they dropped the live CD with "It's Getting Late" on there?!?!? It's almost like you wanna tell Marsha, "stop showing off."

I can't front, I wasn't feeling Floetry's 2nd CD as much as their first but needless to say Marsha's voice stayed in my ear. Whether it was on the Game's "Why You Hate the Game", Hi Tek's "Music For Life" or Busta's "Get You Some", it was like Marsha's was hip hop's female version of Bilal, everyone wanted to work with her. I wasn't shocked when her and the Floacist parted ways (don't all the great ones break up?) but I was shocked that it took so long for Marsha's solo album to drop. For a minute I was worried because she signed with Dre's Aftermath label and we ALL know what happens when you sign with Dre....you're album's NEVER coming out! So it was a great thing that she got off Aftermath (like EVERYONE has to if you ever want your album to actually come out) and got scooped up by J Records so that we could FINALLY hear "Late Nights and Early Mornings."

"LNEM" sets off with a beautiful intro called "Anticipation" and "With You" is exactly what you would expect from an album called "Late Nights and Early Mornings". The sexiness doesn't stop with the Prince inspired "Late Nights and Early Mornings" (why does every female artist that drops gotta have the "Prince song" on their album?) And "I Hope She Cheats On You..." is the song that I think any woman who's been cheated on wishes she wrote. "Far Away" produced by Just Blaze matches Marsha's vocals perfectly and "Lose Myself" is just flat out beautiful. "Your Hands" keeps the sexiness going on high and "The Break Up Song" will be just that, the official break up song for women 30 and over for years to come.

"LNEM" is exactly what I expected and wanted from Marsha...no let down here what so ever. Marsha's pen game is on point, which matches her production, which matches that voice. And to me, it always goes back to that beautiful voice. I can't front, at first it's kinda wierd not hearing Natalie come in from time to time to drop a rhyme but trust, you'll get past it. No matter how you call it, you can't go wrong with "Late Night and Early Mornings"...trust me.

4.5 outta 5

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