Buy The Album When I Drop It: Idle Mind - Whatupvern (Produced by Kil)

Posted On Wednesday, July 27, 2022


To be honest, I can't tell you how long I've known my bro Vern but it seems like we've been rocking with each other since day one. We've always connected here and there on music. Any time a black man lost his life to police brutality, we'd always swoop and and drop a banger speaking on that situation. If fact we've done so many of those jawns we could drop an EP with just those songs! This past April I was gonna be out in Cali for a week and we were gonna link up and record a song and shoot a video since I was out in his neck of the woods, so I sent him about 40-50 beats to pick ONE from but that one turned into 3 which quickly turned into 5. 

So we were like "let's not just put out a loosey, let's do a 5 song EP" so that's what we were shooting for. But everytime Vern would send me the finished version of a song, I'd get so hype that I turn on the maschine and end up making more beats to send to him. So that 5 song EP quickly turned into a 10 song album! So without further ado, Vern and I present to ya'll "Idle Mind" produced by yours truly! 

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