The Eastside Mixtape

Posted On Friday, September 4, 2020

One of my fave MC's post 2010 is EASILY Dave East which always seems to bug a lot of people out which is strange to me cause I feel like dude is REALLY dope. I hear a lot of complaints from folk that one album seems to be boom bap and then his next album is trap and then his next project is a 'lil of both which is true which is why I always compare him to a gospel artist. And what I mean by that is when I first started listening to gospel back in '99 my fave album with CeCe Winans' "Everlasting Love." So you could only imagine how hype I was for her next album but when I got it, I wasn't feeling all. My old head broke it down to me that there are a rack of genres within gospel. So "Everlasting Love" was CeCe's "contemporary" gospel album. While her follow up album "Alabaster Box" was a "praise and worship" gospel album. Two different genres of gospel from the same gospel artists to please two different (or in some cases the same) audiences. And to me, that's what Dave does. But you've gotta ask that really a bad thing?

Look at it like this Dave is 32 years old and was raised in Queens and Harlem. So I'm sure he was raised on classic boom bap. But he's also coming up in this era of trap and all of the million other genres of hip hop we have nowadays so I can't fault him for wanting to make the kind of music he's feeling either. For me it's just about tuning in whenever he's making the kind of music YOU mess with. And for me, he makes more than enough music that I do rock with than what I don't rock with. So bang out to my "The Eastside" mixtape and you might just become a fan yourself!


Talk To BIG

Stone Killer


The Hated

It Was Written

My Nigga Dead

I Don't Understand It

Get The Money

Mamma I Made It

Dirty Little Secret


Godfather 4 feat. Nas

Believe It Or Not

The Real Is Back feat. Beans



What You Mad At

Broke Or Not



I Found Keisha


Found A Way

Thank God

Phone Jumpin'

I Can Not 


The Only Thing

Thank You 


The City

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