The Best of Vegas & Kil Mixtape

Posted On Friday, September 18, 2020


Me & Vegas have been cooking up BANGERS for the past 10 years with our debut album "The Grey Area" dropping May 28, 2010 & our newest album "Keep Calm...We Brought Friends" dropping August 16, 2019 with "You're All Welcome" dropping in 2012 & "Keep Calm" in 2016 in between and with our newest song "Blackman" speaking to the deaths Breonna Taylor and George Floyd dropping in 2020. So when you get a sec do me this justice and give them all a spin in your rotation but in the meantime bang out to my Best of Vegas & Kil mixtape for a sneak peak into the dopeness of one of hip hop's dopest duos! Trust me, we won't let you down! You can download all of the albums on Vegas' bandcamp page here!

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