I Can't Call It: Donald Glover Present aka 3.15.20 - Childish Gambino

Posted On Wednesday, March 25, 2020

I can't say I've ever been a fan of Childish Gambino. But I CAN say that I'm a fan of Donald Glover. Now I know some of ya'll are saying how is that even possible? Easy. I heard of Donald Glover before I heard of Childish Gambino...duh. My homegirl Mo used to ask me if I rocked with Childish Gambino and I told her I don't really rock with any of those off brand Wu groups like that. Yeah, I thought Childish Gambino was an off brand Wu group, that's how much of a fan I was. So how did I become a fan of Donald Glover? Easy. Atlanta. To be honest I don't know a living soul who doesn't love Atlanta. So, now you see what I meant by I was a fan of Glover and not Childish Gambino? Then one day I heard he was dropping an album and since I'd heard the urban legend that Glover can do it all, act, write, do stand up, sing, rap, etc. etc. I figured after giving us Atlanta, the least I could do is give his album a run. And boy oh boy did I give it a run. Sheeeeeeeeet I not only gave it a run, I ran it straight into the ground and gave it 4.5 mics while doing it. But between the next season of Atlanta getting pushed back cause Glover's been waaaaaaay too busy killing the game in Hollywood and winning a couple of Grammy's here and there for "This Is America"  I didn't know if or when we'd ever get another album but then two weeks ago I wake up to twitter going crazy saying Glover just dropped a new album but I won't hold ya'll, I gotta be in the right "mood" to listen to Glover. So I said I'd check it out the next day but then the next day, the album was taken down from his site! So for the past week I've been trying to find it any and everywhere to no avail. But guess what ya'll? God is good all the time and all the time, God is good cause I finally got my hands on the album so I guess the real question at hand is does Glover have another damn near classic album on his hands or will "Donald Glover Presents" end up like "Solo" did?

Now, let's get something off the table right now. I'm not deep ya'll. Like...at all. I don't do the whole Def Poetry Jam stuff so guess what ya'll? There's gonna be at least 537 things that are gonna fly right over my head on ANY Donald Glover/Childish Gambino album so prepare yourself for a lot of "I have no idea what Glover is talking about" phrases throughout the next three paragraphs. Cool? Aiight...so the album sets off with "Warlords" which sounds like the perfect song to hear live & is dope but to be honest it just confuses the hell outta me and sounds like something that could've been on Ye's "808 & Heartbreaks" and has Glover mumbling on his D'Angelo jawn about "Billie Jean being on fire(?)" "Why Go To the Party" has Gambino asking "why go to the party if you're not invited" and me trying to be deep would say he's talking about why try to fit into society when you don't have to but then again, he could just be talking about not being invited to a party, who knows? "Feels Like Summer" was a lossey that Glover let go back in 2018 and STILL bangs two year later. "Don't Worry About Tomorrow" is SOOOOOOOO dope and feels like it could've fit perfect on "Awaken My Love" and  "Under the Sun" feels very Anderson Paakish which is a VERY dope thing while "Algorhythm" straight bangs and uses the classic Zhane' chorus to make it just THAT much doper, "everybody move your body, now do it, here is something that's gonna make you move and groove/please don't lose that tempo algorhythm, moving how they say so algorhythm."

"Time" is a dope duet with Ariana Grande, "Too Beautiful" is an uptempo club banger and if you don't get up and dance to this jawn EVERY SINGLE TIME you hear it then you literally don't have a soult while "Sweet Thing" is a syrupy Prince inspired banger that ends the album on a dope note but my fave song on "Presents...." is "Vibrate" featuring SZA & 21 Savage which is like some ole cosmic slop, R&B, funk mixture that reminds me like the illegitimate child of Prince's "Adore" and "The Ballad of Dorothy Parker." "Someone made a mess of my account, someone bought a patek in a panic/fully bentley addict, I go manic/hit the uchi chuchi 'til it's slanted/I'ma beat it up, ooh,lady I'ma make you dreams come/baby, you the one who talking all that trash 45, I'll twenty-eight that ass/you can set that snow on fire, you smell like a peach papaya/she said eat this Psilocybin, I'ma be right back, I'm like aaight/ayy, I don't know what Psilocybin is/This better not be no molly, she just laughed and closed the door, dark chocolate sea salt/I took a bite she said we gon' have a special night, I said "Who you telling, girl, I know that" Tracee Ellis, with it when you throw back." Yeah....it's THAT good but I wouldn't have been mad if 21 Savage sat this one out. So, even though I'm not that deep & probably about 68% of "Presents..." went over my head, is it still a dope album? HELL YEAH! I damn near played every song on the album 3-4 times before I could go onto the next song and nowadays, something like that almost NEVER happens with me. So just like Jay said  on "Encore" "when I come back like Jordan, wearing the 45", well this time Glover comes back like last time, wearing the 4.5"

4.5 outta 5 mics

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