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Posted On Friday, March 13, 2020

A couple of weeks ago after Dru Hill's ep of Unsung aired I tweeted they were 2nd fave 90's R&B group behind Jodeci & boy oh boy did the Boyz 2 Men faithful come oat me with the quickness! I even had folk telling me that Dru Hill wasn't in their top 5 male groups of the 90's which is absolute CRAZY talk to me! I mean come on ya'll, I get it if you've got Boyz & Jodeci one and two & maybe some folk have Tony Toni Tone at number 3 but after that who are ya'll REALLY putting over Dru Hill for them not to make your top 5? Silk?!? Shai?!? Jagged Edge?!? 112?!? Welp, neither here nor there, they're MY number 2 group and before ya'll throw the baby out with the bath water (I never knew what that meant but it sounded good to use right there) bang out to my Druid Hill Park mixtape with some of my fave Dru Hill bangers on tap cause you might just change your mind.

Tell Me
We're Not Making Love
I Love You
In My Bed
Give Me One Good Reason
I'm Wondering
Xstacey Jones
5 Steps
These Are The Times
Holding You
I Should Be
The Love We Had (Stays On My Mind)
Love's Train
I Do (Millions)
April Showers

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