Squad Goals Mixtape

Posted On Friday, June 17, 2022

The Hit Squad is EASILY a top 5 dopest hip hop crew EVER in my opinion! And to this day I still don't know if E REALLY had P robbed but I guess it doesn't really matter since the Squad went their separate ways because of it. I guess it's like how Slim told Avon, "if it's a lie, then we fight on that lie." But even though we lost one of the dopest crews right at their height, they at least left us with a RACK of bangers so bang out to my "Squad Goals" mixtape & ya'll can thank me later!

Gold Digger - EPMD
Spellbound - K Solo
Can't Hold It Back - K Solo
Letterman - K Solo
So What Cha Sayin - EPMD
It's My Thing - EPMD
Crossover - EPMD
You Gots To Chill - EPMD
They Want EFX - Das EFX
Your Mom Is In My Business - K Solo
Give The People What They Want (Remix) - EPMD
Headbanger - EPMD
Strictly Business - EPMD
Blow Your Mind - Redman
Straight From The Sewer - Das EFX
Watch Yo Nuggets - Redman
Pick It Up - Redman
Jam 4 U - Redman
It's Like That - Redman
Real Hip Hop - Das EFX
Can't Wait - Redman
Mic Checka (Remix) - Das EFX
No Diggedy - Dad EFX
Tonight's The Night - Redman
Microphone Master - Das EFX

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