I Can't Call It: Bandana - Freddie Gibbs & Madlib

Posted On Wednesday, July 3, 2019

It's hard to believe that in 2019 that there was a time when I had no idea who Freddie Gibbs was. Sounds crazy right? The first time I heard Gangsta Gibbs was on Currensy & Al's "Covert Coup" on my fave song on the album "Scottie Pippens" and I KNEW dude was a problem with how he set his verse off with "reporting live from the devil's palace, for breakfast had two tities, two blunts and a turkey bacon sandwich." My bad...did this mofo just said he had "two titties, two blunts and a turkey bacon sandwich?" Welp, I'm a fan and been a fan ever since. Now even though I'm a Gangsta Gibbs fan and check for any and everything he drops, there's something REALLY special happens when he links up with the evil genius Madlib. And here's the CRAZY part...I'm not even the biggest Madlib fan like that. Now don't get it twisted, I KNOW dude is a beast but dude has so many personalities and side projects that I don't know what "Madlib" I'm getting half of the time. But I do know what Madlib I'm getting when these two colab so it should be no surprise to anyone that I was hype as hell for their sophomore album "Bandana" right? And without hearing one second of it I'm willing to bet a crate of my most hard to find records that there won't be any kinda sophomore slump over this way at all.

"Freestyle Sh%t" sets the show off for us and has Gibbs going in with "I want it all nigga, all leather, 25th and Jackson, I'm back in action like Carl Weathers/tryna beat the Rocky like Carl Weathers." Did this mofo just say "I'm tryna beat the Rocky like Carl Weathers?" I hate this mofo. "Half Manne Half Cocaine" is stupid and when the beat switch comes in?!?!?! "Half man half cocaine sixty pounds of Walter White, the White Plains/VVS the Prezi, Skydweller plain Sit your five dollar ass down before I make change/pay for your funeral, get your shit arranged, kiss your wife and say you were solid then go piss on your grave." I'm sorry...did this mofo just say "pay for your funeral get your shit arranged, kiss your wife and say you were solid then go piss on your grave?!?!?" I hate this mofo. "Crime Pays",  "Massage Seats" and "Situation" are all dope while "Fake Names" has Gibbs on his storytelling jawn about his guy who we'll call Ricky D "you was like a brother to me no other to me, swear I would trade my life for yours, I knew you was fucking with me/found out some niggas fucked your wife and we put them bitches to sleep, ain't going to say your government, I'ma call him by Ricky D." Giannis" featuring Oxnard's finest Anderson Paak is BEYOND crazy and "Practice" is so laid back and ill it don't make sense "fake love I don't need it like Allen don't need the practice." Did this mofo just say "fake love I don't need it like Allen don't need the practice?" I hate this mofo.

"Cataracts" has Gibb not missing a beat with more quotables on top of quotables, "hit me after your cycle, I need that pussy with no string attached." Did this mofo just say "hit me after your cycle I need that pussy with no strings attached?!?!?" I really hate this mofo. "Gat Damn" has Gibbs damn near on his R&B singing jawn but is SO dope, "Education" featuring Yassin Bey & Black Thought has Madlib using the same R.D. Burman sample that Ye used for Nas' "Bonjour" ais just as dope as you would think it would be and "Soul Right" ends the album on a dope note but my fave banger on "Bandana" is EASILY "Palmolive" featuring "Pusha T & Killer Mike. I mean, I've literally spent hours listening to this banger back to back to back to back to back. I literally don't have the words to break down how Gibbs AND Pusha kill this jawn. Gibbs sets it off with, "fucking my nd pastor daughter in two jesus pieces." I apologize...did this mofo just set off the entire song with "fucking my pastor daughter in two jesus pieces?!?!?! I TRULY in my heart of hearts hate this mofo. And then Push just assassinates his verse with "it was snowfall and Reagan gave me the visual, Obama opened his doors knowing I was a criminal/I took a risk, I took a brick took a road trip to a Motel 6/get it wholesale and you know I won't tell shit, ride coattails, then he really want that lit/ just another in the mix, nigga, I'm rich, nigga Tell me, is you Alpo or Mitch, nigga?"

So when everything has been said and done and it's nothing left to do or say, is there anything else I can really say about Gangsta Gibbs? I don't think so cause ya'll already know he's a beast. Ya'll already know he's one of the dopest MC's at setting off his verses. Ya'll already know he has more hip hop quotables then the Source back in the early/mid 90's. Ya'll already know this dude can spit a million and one bars on rapid fire but you still can understand literally EVERYTHING he says so I think ya'll already got the picture when it comes to Gangsta Gibbs. And since I know more then enough folk who already have Madlib on their Mt. Rushmore of producers, I KNOW there's no reason to go into how dope & perfect these beats were for Gibbs right? Good. So ya'll remember that crate of records I was willing to bet that there'd be no sophomore slump with "Bandana" right? For all of my diggers who thought they had an easy come up...try again...just not with these two.

4.5 outta 5

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