I Can't Call It: El Capo - Jim Jones

Posted On Wednesday, June 5, 2019

I won't hod ya'll...I've never been a Jim Jones fan. In fact, when I tell you I fucking hated that damn "We Fly High (Ballin')" I don't think hate is a strong enough word to describe the feelings I have towards that song. Let's just say hell to me would be being trapped on a school bus, with my crazy kids from SE DC with that song playing on repeat for eternity. Yup, that's a much better accurate description on how I feel about that jawn. But then outta nowhere, something CRAZY happened. I heard Pete Rock's first single "We Roll" from his "New York's Finest" album featuring Jim and that shit was BANANAS! I mean, Jim rode that beat doper then any MC you could've wished was on that track and his adlibs?!?! I always knew Jim adlibs were on another level but dude will EASILY go down in hip hop history as an MC's who has some of the illest adlibs EVER! So ever since Jim linked with Pete, I've been peeping his music here & there and it's been dope but what I noticed is that whenever he links with Rsonist from the Heatmakerz, something REALLY special happens. I'm talking CL Smooth & Pete Rock special. I'm talking Guru & Primo special. Yeah, it's THAT kinda special. So when word got to ear that Rsonist was producing Jim's new album "El Capo" dolo, that album automatically moved to the number one spot of my most anticipated albums of 2019 for me. Now, the only problem with hip hop nowadays is whenever I'm hype for something, 9 times outta 10 I'm always let down. I wonder if Jim & Rsonist can break that dreaded curse though.

"Cristal Occasions" sets off "El  Capo" something lovely and gives you a preview of the magic you're about experience for the next 58 minutes and has Jim talking his shit. "Tap dance kid, singing in the rain, I'm from where they caught bids from slinging all the caine/ yeah we say we kings but every king done got slain." "For The Love Hustle" just feels so damn good and that Marvin Gaye "I Want You" sample just brings the song home and "Make No Issues Of It" gives you the raw dirty screw up your face hip hop that's been missing from the game for years and those got damn Rsonist drums don't make no got damn sense. On "NYC" Rsonist gives Jones & Fat Joe the perfect backdrop to talk that shit about their city, "drug dealers and killers I was on corners with, even played in the Garden like I was on the Knicks/but when I came through Harlem all type of foreign shit, top off titties out nigga this like a porno flick/so I pray for 9/11 in my 911, couple niggas missed some shots it ain't my time in Heaven." "The Good Die Young" is another banger in the clip, "State of the Union" featuring Rick Ross has Jim talking about the state of our country "amd my thought on the legalization, and they tryna turn weed into a legal libation/why won't they legalize Haitians and throw in the Cubans too" and "My Era" has Jim & Maino breaking down the era they came up in, "we got fresh watchin the Dapper Dan era, I'm from that come up short smack you and your man era/runnin 'round a thousand grams inside a hundred grand Carrera, rockin' two G's a couple grand on the sweater."

"Cocaine Dreams" sounds like some ghostly raise some dead spirits ish and has Jim talking his ish "where I'm from they'll pop a shot if you don't hold your ground, you better get that chopper chopper just to hold it down/I done truple parked cars up outta Polo Ground, summer nights when Rucker Park was the only show in town." "Mama I Made It" featuring Cam sounds like it's time for tithes and offering in the sanctuary, "To Whom It May Conern" is 5 mics from the door with a line up of Cam, Benny and Conway and all four of them black out with too many quotables to mention while "Sports Cars" and "Song Boxing" takes you right back to the sanctuary for the Friday Night Fish Fry with all of the proceeds going to the new building fund. "Don't Know What They Took Him For" featuring Jadakiss and Philthy Rich ends the album on a dope note but my fave banger on "El Capo" is "Pity In The Summer" featuring Cam and Fred the Goodson and everybody comes off but Fred is mos def leaving the revival with the tithes and offerings, "camera saw what your crew made, now that snitchin they anbesol they too fake.I'll grant em all for thirty grams of raw, had I dream I met Pablo told em I've been a fan of yours/ice in my crucifix fat man fly, cause of the white my cross fire like the klan outside/got the block combin for a half a block, I'm in an apricot foreign with Travis Scott Jordans/this junkie know I'm affiliated, had his oxy 80 on the table that's missin I feel he ate it, they see me spittin and they feel he made it/so the eagle I will fill in Philly you feel me I'm Philly hated."

A minute ago one of my peoples told me that the bulk of these albums/mixtapes that drop nowadays sound like a bunch of demos and I couldn't agree more. It sounds like the producer and the MC weren't in the studio together and if the album has 14 songs it's probably the first 14 they recorded and just called it a day which has been a beef of mine for years. But one of the dopest things about El Capo is you can tell that there was time & thought put into making this an actually album. Songs like "State of the Union" and "Good Die Young" aren't your regular "just spit some shit on this" songs. And remember when I said that something "special" happens when Jim & Rsonist link up? Well, I'm sure ya'll thought I was trippin' comparing them to Pete & CL & GangStarr but there's no way that after listening to "El Capo" that ya'll can deny how good Jim & Rsonist sound together. I mean, even when I don't wanna like songs like "Nothing Lasts" and "Bread Right" cause of the samples, somehow, someway like Organize these two find a way for me to still have my head nodding. And here's the thing and I can't believe I'm about to say this but I think I'm a Jim Jones fan now. Especially if him and Rsonist keep linking up and blessing us with BANGERS like "El Capo!" In fact, we might have fucked around and found hip hop's newest dopest dup on tap since Pete & CL called it quits and I'm dead ass serious. 

4.5 outta 5 mics

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