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Posted On Friday, June 16, 2023

There's no way after peeping Wu's documentary "Mics and Men" that I wasn't going to throw together a best of Wu mixtape to salute one of the dopest crews EVER! Plus I got SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO much hell for not including Wu in my bracket for the dopest group EVER ep of Apt. 5B (I always looked at Wu as a crew not a group) prayerfully this mix will help ease the pain a 'lil.

Bring The Pain - Method Man
Protect Your Neck - Wu
Daytona 500 - Ghostface
Crimenolgy - Raekwon
Shimmy Shimmy Ya - Ol Dirty
Brooklyn Zoo - Ol Dirty
Incarcerated Sacrfaces - Raekwon
Verbal Intercourse - Raekwon
New Wu - Raekwon
Wu Wear - Wu
7th Chamber - Wu
Shadowboxing - Gza
Can It All Be So Simple - Wu
Triumph - Wu
Cold War - Gza
Ice Cream - Raekwon
Cream - Wu
One - Ghostface
Liquid Swords - Gza
Apollo Kids - Ghostface
Camay - Ghostface

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