The Kool Genius of Rap Mixtape

Posted On Friday, February 16, 2024

My favorite memory of the Kool Genius of Rap is me coppin' his debut album "Road to the Riches" and taking it to my man Scoob's house so we could blast it loud in his basement. And when we got to the 3rd song "Men At Work" we must have rewound that song literally a million times. We were all blown the away that this dude spazzed out for 68 straight bars and that was only the first verse! No need to go into G Rap's history in the game cause dude is EASILY one of the illest who ever touched a mic and if by some strange chance you disagree with me, bang out to my Kool Genius of Rap mixtape and rethink your entire life.

Men At Work
Talk Like Sex
Road To The Riches
It's A Demo
On The Run (Remix)
Money In The Bank
Truly Yours
Streets of New York
Fast Life
Ill Street Blues
Blowin' Up In The World
4, 5, 6
Erase Racism
Take 'em To War
It's A Shame

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