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Posted On Friday, November 19, 2021

I first got put onto to Talib waaaaaaaay back in '98 when BlackStar's debut dropped. And while I loved Mos to def (no pun intended) I just looked at Talib as the other cat in the group. My intern Sha used to literally beat me in the head everyday about how nice Talib was and how I was sleeping on him blah, blah, blah. And then one day something all of a sudden happened...I actually heard Talib. Now, you may be asking, "ummmm  you didn't hear this nigga on the BlackStar album?" And the best way I can explain it is have you ever hear or read a bible verse over and over but then all of a sudden one day it just speaks to you differently? Welp, that's what happend with Talib when I heard Reflection Eternal's "Move Sumthin." I don't know what it was or what I heard differently but all of a sudden Talib went from "that other cat" to be being nice as hell. Now I won't hold you, I've never been a fan of his beat picking skills (not including that 1st Reflection album & the Madlib "Liberation" project) but throughout the 10+ albums/mixtape he's dropped, he's defintely had some BANGERS on tap! So bang out to my BKNY mixtape as a reminder and/or introduction to just how dope Talib is.

Traveling Light
Let It Roll
Waitin For The DJ
Never Been In Love
Shock Body
Some Kind of Wonderful
In The Mood
Move Somethin'
Get By
Engine Running
Good To You
Beautiful Struggle
Heads Up Eyes Open
Funny Money
Cold Rain
The Show
All of Us
Good Mourning
Ballad of the Black Gold
In This World
The Blast
Every Ghetto


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