The Complete Artium Recordings of No ID Mixtape

Posted On Friday, January 15, 2021

I remember copping Com's "One Day It'll All Make Sense" album back in '97 and loving every single minute of it. The first thing I did after listening was looking through the liner notes to see who produced this masterpiece and the name I found was No ID. And from that point on I was dude's biggest cheerleader. I remember always wishing that dude would get the opportunity to produce for more MC's then just Com to get his name out here more so ya'll could only imagine how happy I am to see where dude is now producing for the likes of someof the biggest artists in the game like Jay, Ross,  Pusha and Nas. So if by some strange chance you've never done the knowledge on No ID PLEASE do me this justice & check out my mixtape saluting one of the illest ever and count how many times you say "I didn't know he produced that" and thank me later!

Ghetto Dreams - Common feat. Nas
Tears of Joy - Rick Ross
I Used To Love HER - Common
Pain - Pusha T
Blue Sky - Common
Let Me  Show You The Way - Toni Braxton
Hungry - Common
Kingdom - Common
4:44 - Jay Z
Stay - Nas
Locomotive - Nas
Success - Jay Z feat.  Nas
Retrospect For Life - Common feat. Lauryn Hill
Sweet - Common
D.O.A. - Jay Z
Accident Murderers - Nas feat. Rick Ross
Pretty Bird - Jhene Aiko
This Time - Melanie Fiona feat. J Cole
Daughter - Nas
The Story of OJ - Jay Z
Family Fued - Jay Z
Bam - Jay Z feat. Damian Marley
The Neighborhood - Common
L.O.V.E. - Melanie Fiona feat. John Legend

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