I Can't Call It : Oscillator Oasis - Watts Club

Posted On Tuesday, July 10, 2018

Techno, electro, trance, house or whatever you wanna call it has been a part of hip hop since day one. From the first time I heard Bam's "Planet Rock" to me seeing the Rock Steady Crew breaking to "Digital Boogie" there's always been a soft place in my heart for techno. So when word got to ear that DJ Jay Bishop dropped a new album dedicated to a lil bit of everything from Detroit techno to electric funk I was all ears. 

The album's opening cut "What's Your Fettih" is synth heavy & has the Club asking "is it you, her and him, threesomes, S&M", "Money Out My Pocket" takes me back to '84 watching Turbo & Ozone battle Elector Rock while "Electirc Drop Dens" drops jewels on how we live on our cell phones "wait I lost two followers and I'm determined not to let these numbers fall, because my value is tied to likes from motherfuckers I don't even know at all." From the introspective  "Driving At 2am" to the club banger "Deep Oasis" with "Less Then Zero", "High Pass Filter" and "Bop" in between, if you need a break from the daily boom bap soundtrack to your life and want get transported back to the 80's when you had to stay up til midnight to catch Friday Night Videos,  Oscilator Oasis is must for your rotation. You can download "Oscillator Oasis" here!

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