I Can't Call It: Daytona - Pusha T

Posted On Wednesday, May 30, 2018

In 2018 there aren't too many artists that I really ever get hype for. And I'm not talking about just listening to something cause it just dropped but I'm talking about REALLY being hype for an album. But the one artist that I can ALWAYS count on to get me hype is no other then the snow god Pusha T. I know, I know...all he talks about is selling coke and that's true but ummmm...can anybody REALLY talk about coke doper then Pusha? I mean, I've been waiting for this dude to run outta ways to talk about coke for the past 18 years and it just ain't gonna happen. In facts this dude's coke references just keep getting doper and doper and doper. So it shouldn't be a surprise to anyone that Pusha's "Daytona" is probably the most anticipated album of the year for me right? (yup...I know Nas is dropping this year too) Now, ever since word got to ear that Kanye was producing the album dolo that's where things started ti get a 'lil iffy for me cause ya'll do realize that it's been more then a decade since we've heard a legit dolo Ye produced banger right? But let's keep it funky, Push could rhyme over Impeach the President for 7 songs and I'd be good money so not even a Kardashian cursed black man could ruin a Push album...right?

"Daytona" sets off "If You Know You Know" and it's exactly what I expected from the snowman which is Push talking his ish, "Pullin' up in that new toy, the wrist on that boy rockstar like Pink Floyd/waving at rude boy I'm waving at you boy, ran off on the plug too like Trugoy/imagine me do boy you could never do what I do boy, still duckin' shit that I did boy/niggas in Paris 'fore Hit-Boy this ain't the same type of hits boy shit can get litter than lit boy/you don't take these type of risks boy, cause this boy been throwin' that D like Rich Boy." "The Games We Play" is just flat out DISGUSTING, "this ain't for the conscious this is for the mud-made monsters,who grew up on legends from outer Yonkers/influenced by niggas Straight Outta Compton the scale never lies, I'm 2.2 incentivised/if you ain't energized like the bunny for drug money, or been paralyzed by the sight of a drug mummy/this ain't really for you this is for the Goya Montoya, who said I couldn't stop, then afforded me all the lawyers/the only kingpin who ain't sinkin', chess moves, that means my third eye ain't blinkin'/stay woke, nigga, or get out Still pull them whips out, still spread the chips out/might buy your bitch some new hips and yank her rib out, the message in this music, all my niggas had to live out", the Ross assisted "Hard Piano" bangs from beginning to end and has Ross spittin' his game while "Come Back Baby" just continues Pusha's onslaught of quotables "dope just touched down I'm so grateful,  numbers so low, bitch be thankful/they say don't let money change you, that's how we know money ain't you/b-tch, I been had b-tches been bad, we buy big boats bitch, I'm Sinbad"...did this nigga really just say "b-tch I'm Sinbad?!?!?

"Santeria" has Ye using the Soul Mann & the Brothers sample made famous by Lil  Kim's "Drugs" and has Push getting biblical on us, "Now that the tears dry and the pain takes over, let's talk this payola/you killed God's baby when it wasn't his will and blood spill, we can't talk this shit over/ the Lord is my shepherd I am not sheep, I am just a short stone's throw from the streets/I bring my offering I will not preach, awaken my demon, you can hear that man screaming/I'm no different than the priest, Santeria." "What Would  Meek Do" featuring Ye is just as stupid as everything else on the album and has Push doing what Push does best, "I am the hope the dope dealers won/price and the quote, the dope dealers want/Feds takin' pictures like it's GQ, this Avianne collarbone is see-through/ angel on my shoulder what should we do, devil on the other what would Meek do/ pop a wheelie tell the judge to Akinyele, middle fingers out the Ghost, screamin' "Makaveli." Did this nigga just say "tell the judge to Akinyele?!?!?!?!" I'm done. "Infrared" ends the coke party lovely but not without taking some farewell shots at Drake, "it was written like Nas, but it came from Quentin." Baby and Wayne, "oh, now it's okay to kill Baby, niggas looked at me crazy like I really killed a baby/salute Ross ’cause the message was pure, he see what I see when you see Wayne on tour/flash without the fire, another multi-platinum rapper trapped and can't retire/niggas get exposed I see the cracks and I'm the liar, shit I've been exposed I took the crack and built the wire." So, remember when I was saying I was kinda iffy on Ye behind the boards? Welp, dude came through in the clutch. Now, don't get it twisted I'm not swallow dude like the rest of the net was doing with these beats like they were the dopest thing since he produced "Guess Who's Back" for Jay, Face & Beans or Cam's "Down & Out"...damn...my bad...he didn't produced "Down & Out" smdh. But these beats are MUCH doper then anything I could expect from a dude who  just said that slavery was a choice.

I won't hold you, when I first heard that "Daytona" was only gonna be 7 songs, the hype for the album died down a 'lil. And then when I saw the cover, the hype died down a 'lil more. But as soon as I pushed play 120 hours ago (yeah, I've been listening to nothing but Daytona for the past 5 days) I haven't looked back. And to be honest, 5 days later I'm not even mad at it only having 7 songs. In fact, in takes me back to the late 70's/early 80's when albums used to be 8 songs, 4 on side A and 4 on side B and that was more then enough to keep us fans happy. Could "Dayton" use 1-2 more songs to make us that much happier? Of course it could. But we all know who the executive producer was so that should explain this 7 song madness. So if you want to knit pick that "Daytona" is only 7 songs I get it cause we're used to getting 12-16 songs on albums so 7 sounds either crazy, lazy and/or both. But guess what? I'll take an album with 7 bangers on it over an album with 14 songs and the other 7 are just aiight which ends up making the whole album just aiight but maybe that's just me. So while ya'll are pissed with 7 songs, don't mind me cause I'll just be over here minding my own BI banging "Daytona" for another 336 hours.

5 outta 5 mics

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