The Free National Mixtape

Posted On Thursday, April 19, 2018

So, I'm in the barbershop and one of the barbers is ALWAYS trying to "school" me to new music so he's like "Kil, you heard of Anderson Paak? Dude is a BEAST! You need to check him out." I'm like "yeah Paak is that dude. I've been rocking with him since Compton." And he's looking at me like what's Compton? I'm like "Dre's album that dropped 2 years ago." He's like "Paak been's out for 2 years?" I'm like "well he's been dropping music waaaaaay before that. He had his OBE Vol. 1 & Venice albums & his Anderson Paak EP before Dre even scooped him up for Compton. Plus his NX Worries album with Knwxledge is just STUPID!" And dude is standing there looking at me like I'm speaking spanish. So all of that to say if the only thing you know about Paak is his Malibu album get my Free National mixtape in your rotation ASAP & do the knowledge on one of the dopest soul singers of this generation! 

Am I Wrong
Link Up
Come Down
Miss Right
Heart Don't Stand A Chance
Off The Ground
Another Time
The Season
Make It Work
Lyk Dis
Scared Money
Best One
Milk n Honey
Carry Me
Miss That Whip
Might Be
Put Me Through

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