Buy The Album When I Drop It: No Joy Without Pain 2 - Jamal Gasol (Produced by Kil)

Posted On Friday, March 23, 2018

"I let my girl spend the bread, I just love to count it..." - Jamal Gasol

Ya'll should already know how me & my guy Jamal Gasol get down by now and if by some strange chance you don't then check out No Joy Pt. 1 produced by The Get Down Brothers aka me & Truss One. But for all of the good folk who are already up on game then ya'll need to check out our newest BANGER on tap No Joy Without Pain 2 produced by yours truly and I'll let Jamal break down the science behind this one: 

This day last year I was facing 9 years! I remember it like yesterday. I was up til like 4 am writing to these new beats I jus copped off VDon and Cuns. No Joy Without Pain was doing real good I never got over 1000 streams on a track without paying for blogs and it had me in a good state of mind. 8:28 a.m I’m gettin my daughter ready for school and heard somebody try to open my door. I go look out the peep hole and task force jus walked in with the ram. I was in so much shock like damn they coming for me? I couldn’t even think for those last 5 seconds before they knocked my door down and snatched me up. My daughter screaming scared runnin and my son luckily slept thru it all. I was literally on my way out of the street life to pursue music full time. I got my LLC for my business, I’m saving all my receipts, I’m taking everything serious. $10,000 bail, numerous felonies and lost custody of my kids. What I rap about is true experience. Don’t make the same mistakes I made. I don’t want ya'lll to go thru what I went thru. I was ready to give up on music. But I had good support from people like Kil and Quisstar who was wit me thru my situation checkin on me seeing what’s next and tellin me keep my head up. This situation made me go harder. No more one foot in foot out, I been all in. This shit ain’t a game. Every movie you see don’t have the same ending. I consider myself blessed to even get a light sentence after they tried so hard to make sure I have a F on my record but this is jus a trial and tribulation i had to go thru to get where I am today! It’s good to kill the doubters with success, but there is definitely truth to the saying its No Joy Without Pain. Hope yal enjoy this EP!

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