Buy The Album When I Drop It: The B Sides - Theo (Produced by Kil & KrazyFingaz)

Posted On Monday, December 4, 2017

I met Theo aka KrazyFingaz a minute ago when my brother Steve was having a housewarming party & he introduced me to his new neighbor and all Theo had to say was "I make beats" and a new friendship was formed. Since then the friendship has grown past music with him being part of my crew #TheCongregation and our monthly sampled challenge #SamplingClearance but since that's where the foundation started it's ONLY right that we drop a 'lil EP for ya'll called The B Sides with 4 BANGERS on tap...two produced by me & 2 by him. And my bad I forgot to mention that not only is KrazyFingaz a dope producer but he's also a dope MC who goes by his government, Theo. So check out the first of many projects that'll be on tap from one of hip hop's newest dopest duos!

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