The Live Guy With Glasses Mixtpae

Posted On Friday, May 5, 2023

For some strange reason, whenever the dopest producer on the mic convos pop off, Extra P's name is never mentioned. When cats talk about their Mt. Rushmore of producers, Extra P's name is never mentioned. Even when folk are just talking to talk with no end in foreseeable sight about producers again...his name is never mentioned. In fact, their are more new school producer's names being mentioned before Extra P's and for the life of me I can't understand why. This dude 9 times outta 10 taught YOUR favorite producer how to use the SP, how to dig, how to chop AND gave them records to make their dopest hits but I guess that don't count for nuthin' right? Well bang out to my double CD mixtape with Disc 1 saluting P on the micc & disc 2 saluting P behind the boards and get some damn common sensse.

Tracklisting Disc 1: 
Peace Is Not The Word To Play (Rmx)
Looking At The Front Door
Happy Days
Fakin' The Funk
Live At The BBQ
Watch Roger Do His Thing
Snake Eyes
Professor @ Large
Friendly Game of Baseball
Hardcore Hip Hop
One on One
The LP
The Mad Scientist
Mack Don Illz
In The Sun
Funky 2 Listen 2
The Rap World
The Bullshit
Stay Chissel
Just Hanging Out
Live Again
Light Years
Queens Lounge


Tracklisting Disc 2:
U Da Man - Nas
What's Next (Rmx) - Leaders of the New School
Rewind - Nas
Stress (Rmx) - Organized Konfusion
Da Bomb - Akineyle
The Ghetto (Rmx) - Eric B & Rakim
It's A Boy (Rmx) - Slick Rick
Dear Diary - Akineyle
Money In The Bank - Kool G. Rap
Halftime - Nas
Resurrection (Rmx) - Common
It Ain't Hard To Tell - Nas
Streets Of New York - Kool G. Rap
Peer Pressure (Rmx) - Mobb Deep
Gotta Get Over (Rmx) - GangStarr
One Time For Your Mind - Nas
Keep It Rolling - A Tribe Called Quest


  1. Can this be downloaded ? The link doesn't work

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