Birth Of The Cool Mixtape

Posted On Friday, June 9, 2017

I've always considered myself an armchair A&R, especially back in the early & mid 90's when new artists would creep up on the scene. And 9 times outta 10 my predictions were always spot on, except when it came to one artist...Missy Elliott. When I first heard her on that Gina Thompson remix for "The Things You Do" I was like "this chick is wack!" Welp...I was wrong as F&%K cause Missy ended up being one of the DOOOOOOOPEST talents we've EVER seen. And since I've got no problem admitting when I'm wrong (and boy was I wrong about shorty) I had to try to redeem myself by putting together a mixtape saluting some of my fave Missy bangers. So bang out to my Birth of The Cool Mixtape and help me salute one of the dopest to ever do it!

Loose Control
Gossip Folk
She's A Bitch
Pass That Dutch
Work It
On and On
One Minute Man
Get UR Freak On
All In My Grill
Hit 'em With The Hee
Sock It 2 Me
Hot Boyz
The Rain
Beep Me 911
Take Away

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