#TheCongregation Episode 3 with Cyte

Posted On Monday, April 24, 2017

For the new episode of my monthly jam session #TheCongregation my dude Cyte comes through the crib to record his EP #CanYouDoItLikeThis produced by my dude Truss & yours truly! And of course between recording sessions, we're playing beats, debating over why JR feels Michael Jackson's "Dangerous" is doper then "Thriller", the lost art of MC'ing, why 90% of people nowadays don't have speakers in their cribs anymore which is the reasons why the youth don't hear "good" music and I breakdown how the reason our parents hated hip hop when it first dropped is basically the same reason why we hated Puff & The Trackmasterz back in the mid 90's and why no matter how much time goes by you can always dig through your own crates like they're brand new no matter how long you've had your vinyl. Plus ya'll get to peep how we cooked up a last minute BANGER that ended up becoming Cyte first single "Anymore" featuring my wife! Trust and believe this is the dopest ep so far and don't forget to subscribe to our You Tube Channel!

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