The Corner Radio Hosted by Kil: How J Dilla Changed My Life

Posted On Sunday, February 12, 2017

For the new episode of my podcast The Corner Radio I've got a PACKED house with Ev, DJ Wreck 1, Yaw, JP and Jas saluting who I believe in my heart of hearts is the dopest producer EVER James "Jay Dee" aka "J Dilla" Yancey! Not only are we talking about our top 5 Dilla produced BANGERS I'm preaching a sermon on nuthin but facts on why Dilla is the dopest hip hop producer EVER! I'm breaking down the differences between the Ummah Jay Dee, the Pay Jay, Jay Dee and the Donuts Jay Dee, (has your #1 switched his style 3 times and had three different genres of music bite each style? Nah...didn't think so.) How Jay Dee morphed into Dilla and the difference between the two, how Dilla got the bougiest musicians in the world (jazz musicians) to throw away everything they were classically taught to follow Dilla's style (has your #1 done that? Nah...) How Dilla had folk biting his style in 3 different genres (has your need to ask cause the answer is no) Why Jazzy Jeff & his A Touch of Jazz production crew, Jill Scott, Music, Floetry, The Roots, Hi Tek, Kev Brown and at least 10 other folk need to make sure Dilla's family never wants for anything since they bit the man's style to the core, (his daughters should be interning at the Fallon Show on their summer break), why folk's who don't have Dilla bare minimum in their top 5 just don't know any damn better, how 9 times outta 10 your favorite producer's, favorite producer is Dilla, how this dude had a 10 year run that can't be questioned (how long was your #1's run? Not 10 me.), why I think Dilla is the best producer on the mic, how he's the only hip hop producer to have their style truly evolve over time, how Dilla could do your #1's style but why your #1 couldn't do his style, why his BANGER "Little Brother" that BlackStar used is one of hip hop's ultimate chop jobs, why most folk don't know how ILL Dilla's remix game is and I even give out a homework assignment for cats to complete before coming at me with any nonsense about how Dilla isn't the dopest ever! Hell, me & Yaw even break down what makes a Philly cheesesteak, a Philly cheesesteak. Trust me when I tell ya'll this is one of my dopest episodes yet and don't forget to subscribe to our You Tube Channel!

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  1. Loved this episode! It definitely took me on a trip down memory lane. Big ups to everyone involved in the podcast.

    On a personal note, I was in HS when I first heard of Jay Dee via Runnin' and even back then I was all about checking the producer credits. Before stumbling upon his music, I was all about Primo, Pete Rock, Buckwild, RZA, etc. (I'm from L.A. but I listened to a lot of East Coast/underground West Coast Hip Hop). Having the privilege of following Jay Dee's output and evolution in real time was a once in a lifetime experience for me as a music listener. I was like a Pokemon trainer trying to get my hands on anything he was associated with!

    Before I start writing a term paper on all the WTF moments I experienced listening to him, just wanted to drop a few of my personal fave joints that I'm sure you're very well aware of, but I didn't hear them mentioned in the podcast (there truly is so much to pick from). Some of my favorite remixes of his:

    Bahamadia - One Fourteen
    Spacek - Eve
    Four-Tet - Serious as Your Life (if you heard the original version of this, all I can say is that I hope they paid Jay well!)
    Mood - Secrets of the Sand
    Toshi Kubota - Nothing But Your Love
    Slum Village - Hold Tight (with the Change sample)
    Frank N Dank - Give it Up Pt. 2
    Brother Jack McDuff - Oblighetto

    Also, as far as joints that I did not like at first - Frank N Dank's 48 Hours, within the context of them being J Dilla synth beats, is nuts! And I totally feel you about how you weren't into Welcome 2 Detroit initially. I honestly felt the same way when I heard Make Em NV off Ruff Draft, but once it hit me, that joint stayed on repeat! Aight I'mma chill, but again, great stuff! I'll have to tap in to your other shows as well. Peace! - Naj Ahead


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