I Can't Call It: Chixtape 4 - Torey Lanez

Posted On Wednesday, January 11, 2017

Riddle me this, who the hell is Torey Lanez? Seriously, who is dude? I mean, I've heard his name but I never payed him any attention. I figured dude was just another one of those new school Bryon Tiller, Party Next Door type singers that I don't rock with. So I'm sure you're wondering that if I don't rock with those cats like that, then why am I talking about dude? Well, what happened was one of my peopels  tweeted something about him sampling The Proud Family intro for one of his songs and I'm like "dude sampled the Proud Family intro? Really? How wack is that?" So I figured what the hell, I need a good laugh, let me download this Chixtape 4 mixtape just to find out how wack dude is. Cause dude has to be wack...right?

Chixtape 4 sets off with "Slow Grind" featuring Jacquees (like I know who the hell that is) which is banger that jacks Pretty Ricky's "Grind With Me" while "Need A Girl" is SICK as hell and half way through the song I'm looking confused like a Spice Adam IG video like "is that Puff's I Need A Girl slowed down? Yup...it is and the way they freaked it is dope as hell. Next up is "1 Call" which jacks Chingy's (remember dude?) lone hit and has Torey speaking on the shorty who got away "I've been searching and searching, ain't find it, all of the things that you do just remind me/here did you go you was just beside me, all of the signs girl I'm out of time." By the time "Just A Friend" comes around I pull out the tracklisting like "what's good with all these old songs?" And then it hits me that dude is jacking classic R&B bangers. So basically this is R&B's version of Cube's "Jackin' For Beats." Aiight...cool. Now back to "Just A Friend" which jacks Mario's lone hit and Torey takes the words right outta my mouth with how he sets it off "First off baby I'm too wavy for all this bullshit, that you bring me in" and breaks down how he's trying to get with a shorty but he keeps getting shut down while "What's Love" jacks Fat Joe's banger of the same name and has Torey letting shorty know from the door how it's going down, "She better know that we fuckin' when I come through, I ain't with the cuffin' when I come through/I ain't with the buggin' when I come through, she know I'm straight thuggin' when I come through."

"Ignition" of course samples R. Kelly and has Torey freaking R's lyrics "Cause I like your style, have a grown man wishin, I can take my keys put it in the ignition/and you still on me, got your engine tickin, but you gon' know my name by the way I whip it." "Slow Down" and "Differences" jack Bobby Valentio and Ginuwine and does both of 'em justice while "Aaliyah" samples "I Don't Wanna" and has Tore going in "you know I can't be by myself, thinking 'bout you with someone else/feels like no one knows how I feel, now let me know this shit is real/no waste no time on it even with the way it feels, no waste no time on it, you know that you can keep it one hundred in here/now don't be afraid to keep it honest girl, but don't leave cause you know that I want you girl to want me I don't wanna be alone." But my favorite banger on here is the song that brought me to Chixtape 4 in the first place which is "Proud Family." First let me say I can't tell you how many times I listened to this song back to back. And not just because it's dope as f&%k but because him and his producer Picasso sampled the freaking theme to the Proud Family...and made a BANGER! This takes me back to the first time I heard Jay's "Hard Knock Life" sampling Annie and how the 45 King KILLED it! I mean, there was no way you could tell me that this wasn't gonna be wack but this jawn right here...maaaaaaaaan listen. 

I'm not sure how many ways I can say I was wrong about Mr. Lanez cause this mixtape is dope from beginning to end. It was genius to come up with the idea of freaking songs from the late 90's/early 2000's and that's one of the reasons I rock with Chixtape 4 so much. Cause it's not like dude just did covers of old songs and using the same beats, nah that would've been wack to me. But taking those classic and reconstructing them into his own bangers? See that right there, THAT'S the impressive part. So while I'm usually the one telling folk to do the knowledge on somebody, it looks like I'm gonna have to take my own advice and do the knowledge on Torey Lanez's cause if money's discography is anything like this Chixtape 4...then I may have just found a new school R&B dude that I can actually rock with.

3.5 outta 5 mics

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