The Great Dot X Mixtape

Posted On Friday, October 27, 2023

On the last episode of my podcast, we were chopping it up about our top 5 attributes that every dope MC should have. And one of the attributes that damn near all of us had on our list was originality. And the first MC who always comes to mind for me when I think about originality is Sadat X. I remember back when I first heard his "Concerto In X Minor" I wasn't feeling dude. I didn't rock with his style or his flow. But what I quickly realized was that it wasn't that I didn't rock with his style and flow, I just wasn't READY for his style and flow! Cause nobody and I mean NOBODY sounds like Dot X! And that's just one of the many things that are so dope about dude. It's crazy to me that a rack of cats think Dot only dropped one album with his "Wild Cowboy" back in '96 when in reality dude has dropped 11 (yup, 11) albums! With his "Black October" being one one of my fave hip hop bangers that dropped back in '06! I mean, don't forget we're talking about the dude that set off Slow Down" something lovely! Or the dude who assassinated Com's "1-9-9-9." And please don't forget about the "Loud Hangover" banger with Akineyle...PLEASE don't do that. But for all of the cats that have no idea about Dot's true history in the game, bang out to my The Great Dot X mixtape and do the knowledge on one of the dopest MC's (and Polo connoisseurs) EVER in the game!

Concerto In X Minor
All For One (Remix)
The Daily News
Throw The Ball
Slow Down
God Is Back
You Can't Front (Shit Is Real)
Cock It Back
The Post
Black October
What Did I Do?
The Interview
Stages and Lights
Come On
Escape From New York
Million Dollar Deal
Why Don't You (Experience)
X Is A Machine
Wild Cowboy
Loud Hangover

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