AK-47 Mixtape

Posted On Thursday, November 3, 2016

Whenever folk talk about some of the dopest artists post 2000 one name I NEVER hear mentioned is Alicia Keys and I'm always dumbfounded as to why that is. Shorty had a classic (yup...I said classic) debut album "Songs In A Minor" with bangers like "Fallin", "A Woman's Worth", "Jane Doe" with Kandi from Xscape & "Mr. Man." She followed that up with a DOPE sophomore album "Diary" with bangers like "Karma", "If I Ain't Got You", "Diary" and the Ye produced "You Don't Know My Name." Then she follows that up with a SOLID 3rd album "As I Am" with bangers like "Superwoman", "Like You'll Never See Me", "Teenage Love Affair" and my 2nd fave Keys songs EVER "I Need You." (if you've never heard that song then your opinion about Keys mean absolutely nuthin' to me) And let's not get amnesia and act like her 1st single "Unbreakable" off her Unplugged album wasn't the shit! Plus Keys is a straight up & down a hip hop head! Have ya'll heard her banger "Streets of New York" with Nas & Rakim?!?!? Then when she redid Gladys Knight's "If I Were You Woman" and used BIG's "Warning" she didn't just tell her engineer to loop it up. Nah, shorty got Moe Bee to come in and produce it! Now some folk may not get how DOPE that is but it's like when J Lo used The Beatnuts' "Watch Out Now" for "Jenny From the Block" and got the Trackmasterz to produce it instead of giving the Nuts the production credit plus some of that pop music money. 

Now I won't hold you I wasn't really feeling her 4th album "Element of Freedom" but there were some jawns on there with "Try Sleeping With A Broken Heart" & "Unthinkable (I'm Ready)" but by the time her 5th album "Girl On Fire" dropped I wasn't feeling her new sound. But even with that last brick that shorty put up how can anyone front on Keys and the DOPE music she's dropped for the past 16 years? To be honest, I think the bulk of folk who don't like Keys like that have never heard Keys like that. And what I mean by that is I doubt the average Keys "fan" has never heard an entire completed Alicia Keys album. They've seen some videos here & there and heard some songs on the radio but they really don't know the depth of shorty. But bet money that after bangin' out with my AK-47 mixtape saluting some of my personal favorite Keys bangers (not just her hits) if you're still frontin' on Keys then simply put in the immortal words of Phife & Tip, ya'll are buggin' out!

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