Headz Ain't Redee Mixtape

Posted On Friday, March 24, 2023

When the Boot Camp first dropped, you couldn't tell me I wasn't a honorary member of the crew. See, while everybody else was all smitten with the Wu, I ALWAYS thought the BCC was doper. Cause I'll tell you this, I'd put Black Moon's "Enta Da Stage" & Smif n Wessun's "Dah Shinin" against ANY Wu crew album ANY day of the week and not lose a bit of sleep thinking I'm gonna take that L! And don't get it twisted I'm not dissin the Wu at all, that bet is just a testament of how much love I got for these BK dudes. And guess what? Even if you don't agree with me (trust, I KNOW I'm in the minority in this argument) there's absolutely no way on the planet earth that you can bang out to my Headz Ain't Redee mixtape and not recognize and realize just how dope the BCC was. Salute.

Who Got The Props - Black Moon
Buck 'em Down (Remix) - Black Moon
Operation Lockdown - Heltah Skeltah
Wreckognize (Remix) - Smif n Wessun
Black Smif n Wessun - Black Moon
Lefleaur Lefleur - Fab 5
I Got Ya Opin - Black Moon
Warzone - Black Moon
Understand - Heltah Skeltah
No Fear - OGC
Onslaught - Black Moon
Cession At The Doghille - Smif n Wessun
Let Tha Brains Blow - Heltah Skeltah
Bucktown - Smif n Wessun
How Many MC's - Black Moon
Headz Ain't Redee - BCC
Wontime - Smif n Wessun
I Got Cha Opin (Remix) - Black Moon
Sound Bwoy Burial (Remix) - Smif n Wessun

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