The Promo: Carnivores (Vulgar Display of Power) - Cash D (Produced by Kil)

Posted On Tuesday, July 12, 2016

"Land of the free you & me ain't included, how the cops did Philando should prove it" - Cash D

The other day while trying to wrap my head around the murders of Alton Sterling & Philando Castile, I was wondering "what would I want hip hop to do or say about what's going on?" I know Kendrick had "Alright" which has mos def been an anthem for the Black Lives Matter movement but what about everybody else? There's damn near a million MC's out here and nobody's saying nuthin? Jada wanted everybody & their mother to boycott the Oscars cause Will wasn't nominated but where's she at now? In fact, where are ANY of these black celebs right about now? You know what? That's neither here no there...let's get back to hip hop. So, while I'm waiting for "hip hop" to say something I had the epiphany that I'm hip hop! I don't have to sit around and wonder when these celeb MC's are gonna say or do something, when I can do it myself. So I decided to turn on the maschine, bang out some beats and I reached out to some of the MC's I rock with to make our own music that reflects what's going on out here in these streets. 

So the first banger off the project is called "Carnivores (Vulgar Display of Power)" and features my dude Cash D outta South Central, LA who got the beat Sunday night and had it done for me by Monday afternoon. So I gotta salute my brother for not only getting this done for me so quick but for helping to create what I feel is the perfect soundtrack to what we're dealing with right now in this country.

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