Compton 20221 Mixtape

Posted On Friday, July 15, 2022

During the last ep of my podcast, we were naming some of our fave MC's top 3 albums we got into a dope discussion on Game. And my man Yaw brought up a dope point I never thought about before and that's he's one of the VERY few MC's who left their main producer/mentor, Dr. Dre and not only survived but actually got better! Cause I won't hold you, when Game first dropped I felt like he was at best a subpar MC who basically just name dropped for an entire album. But now 10 years later the same dude just dropped one of the dopest albums of 2015 with "The Documentary 2!" But the dopest thing about Game to me isn't him stepping his rap game up, his discography (which is SO slept on) or how his rap persona actually matches his real life but it's all of the giving back he does. Most folk probably doesn't know that he has a charity called The Robin Hood Project where he's raised $17,000 for the family of a slain 7 year old, donated $10,000 (and then got Drake to match it) to a woman who's entire family was killed in a house fire and donated $10,000 to the family of a slain 6 year old's family to help with funeral expenses. And while other celebs were...well, we don't know what the hell they were doing after Alton Sterling and Philadno Castille were killed outside of posting on IG, Game and Snoop were LEADING a peaceful protest in Los Angeles. See...THAT'S what I'm talking about. So if by some strange chance you've never rocked with Game before, just hearing about his Robin Hood Project should get my Compton 20221 mixtape a spin in your rotation and bet money after you bang out with this mix, you'll mos def be looking at Game in a different light on the MC tip too!

The City
Hate It Or Love It
Born In The Trap
The Good, The Bad, The Ugly
Westside Story
That Sh-t
Don't Need Your Love
Jesus Piece
Why you Don't Love The Game
Good Girls Gone Bad
Big Dreams
Can't Get Right
See No Evil
Ali Bomaye
Like Father Like Son

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