I Can't Call It: The Heart Speaks In Whispers - Corinne Bailey Rae

Posted On Thursday, May 19, 2016

I won’t hold you, I can’t say that I’m a fan of Corrine Bailey Rae’s music like that. Now, don’t get it twisted, I’ve liked songs here and there but I’ve never had the urge to listen to an entire Corrine Bailey Rae album. And if we’re keeping it funky, I basically thought it would put me to sleep. And trust, I’m not trying to dis shorty I just never felt like she could hold my attention for an entire album. Now fast forward to a random Sunday when I’m in the crib working on a script & I got BET Soul on in the background & I hear this song that’s CRAZY! I mean, this song is so dope that I literally stop what I’m doing to look up to find out who the hell this is and low and behold it’s Ms. Corinne Bailey Rae’s new single “Been To The Moon!” And when I tell you this song was dope, I REALLY mean it’s dope! So riddle me this…what’s the quickest way to make me wanna go from not hearing your album to me feenin’ to hear your album? Simple. Just make the 1st single something SO dope that nobody on earth could deny it and I’m all in. And that’s exactly what Ms. Rae did. So guess who’s all ears for her new album “The Heart Speaks In Whispers?” 

The album sets off with the uptempo inspirational BANGER “The Sky Will Break” and has Corinne telling us “and so it's all over, so they've already run/and we all fall down and the clouds, they blot out the sun/very soon your world could be different, but you've got your mind set on silence, silence, silence/the skies will break for you my friend.” “I Won’t Break Your Heart” is flat out beautiful (that word is synonymous with the bulk of Ms. Rae’s music) and has Corrine talking about a second shot at love, “This time around I won’t cling to the those paper crowns, I won’t tear you down/this time I’ll listen like it’s love’s first secret, so come bring your love here with all its mistakes/speak to me softly like lovers do, here are the fragments I saved for you” and there’s no need to go into how INCREDIBLE that first single “Been To The Moons” is cause ya’ll should’ve gotten the gist of how much I LOVE that song from the simple fact that I’m even listening to this album in the first place. But just in case ya’ll didn’t get the gist…the song is BONKERS! “Tell Me” is another inspirational uptempo banger telling the youth, “young one, eyes wide/the world is yours, hold tight/make mistakes, get it right/there’ll be heartbreaks and blue skies/feel it all, walk tall/don’t close your eyes, burn bright/we’re dancing in the dark, now and then we glimpse the stars” and “Stop Where You Are” is another one of those beautiful Corinne Bailey Rae songs telling you to enjoy the moment no matter the situation, “everything glitters around you, don’t miss a day/the moon on the lake, the smell in the air when it rains/the people you can share with, the feeling you get when you’re almost there.”

“Green Aprhrodisiac” keeps the beautiful musical coming full force and sounds like some classic Erykah Badu circa ’96, “Horse Print Dress” will give an old school Chaka Khan vibe while Ms. Rae tells you, “I wear my horse print dress, and though my hair’s still wet/you kiss me on my neck, I haven’t told anybody yet/we spend our days and night, lying by firelight/and your pretty eyes, looking at me so bright, like I’m your one delight/you’ve got me spinning, spinning out, don’t think that I can let go now” and “Caramel” gives you a nice slow jam feel with a 'lil rock n roll mixed in and sounds like the perfect backdrop for one of those reality shows when someone just broke up with their man and they’re doing that looking out the window shot….yup, this would be PERFECT for that. “Taken By Dreams” goes so hard (pause) and beautiful at the same time it doesn’t make sense and has Ms. Rae telling us about rising from the ashes from old love to new love, “and if you ever knew how lost I was before, you wouldn’t recognize me/now I’m on my way and I’m grateful I can say/I want to go, cut me loose, cut me loose, let me run to the stars, there’re not so far/illuminate our way/you and I we’re on our way, come on let’s go” while “Walk On” is dope and has a serious Marvin “Inner City Blues” vibe to it and “Night” sounds like it could’ve been in Amy Winehouse’s discography and ends the album on an incredible note.

But my favorite song on “The Heart Whispers” is EASILY “Do You Ever Think Of Me.” I seriously can’t explain to you just how incredibly beautiful (there’s that word again) this song is. The beginning of the song that will instantly remind you of Curtis’ “The Makings of You” but don’t get it twisted at all, cause this isn’t a remake. Nah…Ms. Rae makes this song ALL hers. “Do you ever think of me, do I ever cross your mind/does my memory linger and flood the room for you/like when I’m alone and I’ve thought of you/lazy Sunday afternoons, the radio will play a tune/and I can’t help but wonder just where you are, although we’re miles apart.” Maaaaaaaan listen…I can’t even begin to explain to ya’ll how many times I’ve listened to this song over and over and over and over and over and over. This has gotta be the kind of music God listens to…for real! At the end of the day “The Heart Whispers” is a VERY dope album. Forget about Ms. Rae (I had to start calling her Ms. Rae cause I had to put some ‘spek’ on her name) putting me to sleep with an entire album because with inspirational music like this, she’s really teaching us all how to wake up.

4 outta 5 mics

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