Numbers On The Boards: Why Villanova Is Philly's Finest & Would Iverson Be A Top 5 Player Right Now?

Posted On Wednesday, April 6, 2016

For the newest episode of me & my dude Fish's sports podcast Numbers On The Boards, we're chopping it up about was the UNC/Nova game the dopest college chip game EVER, how happy we both are for Jay Wright for winning a chip (even tho Fish was calling for his job before the tourney started), we're putting heads to bed a la EPMD about any hoopla from some folk saying that Villanova ISN'T in Philly. Also since Iverson got his ticket punched for the hall we chop it up about our favorite Iverson moment and then we flip the Oscar Robertson script and instead of saying could AI play in the old school days we pose the question would Iverson still be a top 5 player in today's game and last but mos def not least we chop it up about "Randy" aka "Chauncy" aka "that nigga over there" aka D'Angelo Russell and peep my newest conspiracy theory for his whole snitching situation! Trust me when I'll tell ya'll this...this is mos def our best ep!

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