Somebody Tell These Niggaz Who Kanye West Is Mixtape

Posted On Friday, June 24, 2022

The other day I tweeted that I wasn't hype for this new Kanye album and one of my peoples got at me like, "I thought Kanye was your dude?" And I told my man, the key word in your sentence is "was." Now don't get it twisted, the "College Dropout Kanye" all the way up to "My Dark Twisted Fantasy Kanye" WAS my dude. And for me, the thing I loved most about Ye was his honesty. Whether he was talking about being self conscious on "All Falls Down"and conflict diamonds on "Diamonds From Sierra Leone" to his family struggles on "Welcome to Heartbreak", him and Amber's break up on the "Blame Game" and who can forget Austin's Power's face when Ye proclaimed on national television that George Busch doesn't care about black people? (which to me is one of the most gangsta things ANY MC has ever done) And let's not forget (but most folk do) that Ye was the dopest producer walking the planet for a good 2-3 years back in the early

So, where did Ye go wrong in my book? As soon as he married Kim Kardashian.  And before ya'll think I'm joking around...I'm dead serious. I mean, it's cool to bang a Kardashian but to marry one? Nah. And I knew it was gonna be downhill from there and it was. Whether it was that travesty named "Yeezus" or the time that he was on Kris' talk show talking with a fake british accent, I knew this wasn't the same MC that I rocked with. So am I hype to hear "Swish", "Wave", "T.L.O.P." or whatever it's gonna be called? Not at all. Am I praying night and day I get the "pre Kardashian Ye" back? No doubt. BUT just in case I don't that Ye back, I threw together this mixtape saluting some of my fave Ye BANGERS! (which is FAR from a greatest hits) So whether you agree with me or not about Ye falling off, if you've ever been a Ye fan then you'll mos def rock with this mix.

Grammy Family
The Good, The Bad, The Ugly
Dark Fantasy
Drive Slow
Blame Game
2 Words
Crack Music
Never Let Me Down
Bring Me Down
We Don't Care
Devil In A New Dress
Can't Tell Me Nuthin'
Slow Jams

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