Just Hangin' Out: Was The Breaks Dope & What Early 90's Hip Hop Meant To The Game

Posted On Friday, January 8, 2016

For the 2nd episode of my Just Hangin' Out blab, I'm chopping it up with my peoples JR, Beezo & Toronto's own Matthew Clive (ya'll do know we've got our FREE EP "Free Speech" on tap now right?) about VH1's hip hop movie The Breaks and what early 90's hip hop meant to the game. We're chopping it up about why 2 of us gave The Breaks 2 mics while the other 2 gave it 4 mics, why some of us thought the movie wasn't authentic enough, why some of us had high expectations for the movie while others didn't have any expectations and as always you get to hear folk tell me for the millionth time that I can't compare everything I watch to The Wire...which I TOTALLY disagree with BTW!  So give us a hour outta your day and trust you won't be disappointed!

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