Our Boy Al Mixtape

Posted On Friday, April 21, 2023

Since 2000, there hasn't been a doper producer on the planet then Alchemist. And don't think I forgot about Just Blaze and Kanye West who both popped up on the scene 'round that time too but I could care less. Neither one of them dudes comes close to touching Al. Now before all of ya'll Just and Ye dudes start sucking ya'll teeth, look a lil deeper into what I'm saying. See, as much as I love Ye, my biggest beef with him behind the boards is after I found out that he really didn't produce Cam's "Down and Out" (one of his young bul producers did it) from that point on I never knew what Ye REALLY cooked up, so there's always gonna be that question mark for me whenever I see "produced by Kanye West." And ya'll know Just ain't never coming close to making my top 10 based off the fact this dude has never produced a whole album for self, which I feel is a right of passage for ALL producers, which is is why Al takes the chip. Now keep in mind, I started out this piece saying Al has been the dopest producer in hip hop since 2000 but money's track record goes back way further then that. I think the first time I heard Al's work was back in '97 on Mobb Deep's "The Realest" which was bananas! Plus the fact that a group like Mobb who already had an ill producer in the pocket with Hav would even open up their doors to another dude to come in to put in work was ill but then for that dude to come in and put in more work then Hav was just crazy! So yeah, that's enough to get my attention.

Then you throw in a couple of bangers like Pharoah's "No Mercy" and "Desire", CNN's "Bang Bang", Jada's "We Gonna Make It" to Prodigy's "Keep It Thoro", Ghostface's "The Forrest", Nas' "My Way" and "Book of Rhymes" and damn near every Mobb Deep song I could stomach after "Hell On Earth." Plus giving Dialated Peoples (another group who has 2 ill producers in pocket with Ev and Babu) some of their best moments on wax doesn't hurt either. Did I forget to mention that dude also has dropped 3 ill self produced albums in "1st Infantry", "Chemical Warfare" and "Russian Roulette" (where he's using all russian samples) AND a slew of mixtapes and instrumental albums? And don't think I forgot about all of his collabo albums he's got on tap with him and P's "Return of the Mac" and "Albert Einstein", those Gangreen bangers he's got with Oh No, "Covert Coup" with Currensy (which is my fave hip hop album of 2011), "Rare Chandeliers" with Action Bronson and Al and Ev's "Lord Stepington." Now with ALL of that said, how many of ya'll can still disagree with me that Al doesn't deserves the chip? Didn't think so.

Marathon - Dilated Peoples
Hold You Down - Prodigy
Worst Comes To Worst - Dilated Peoples
Keep It Thoro - Prodigy
We Gonna Make It - Jadakiss & Styles P
Never Grow Up - Evidence
Desire - Pharoahe Monch
Apolo's Last Stand - AG da Coroner
The Realest - Mobb Deep
Scottie Pippens - Currensy
The Red Carpet - Evidence
Back Again - Dilated Peoples
Perfectionist - Rick Ross & Meek Mills
The Essence - The Lox
No Hesitation - Step Brothers
What's The Word - Boldy James
Keys To The City - Prodigy
Tomorrow - Step Brothers
BBS - Currensy
More Wins - Step Brothers
Surgical Gloves - Raekwon
Traction - Boldy James feat. Action Bronson
The Far Left - Evidence
Flight Confirmation - Danny Brown & Schoolboy Q
Bully Rap - Sean Price

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