The Mind of Joe Budden Mixtape

Posted On Friday, April 12, 2024

If you've ever checked out any episodes of my podcast the Writer's Bench then you already know that Joe Budden is always a controversial topic on the bench. Why? Well simply put, I think Joe Budden is one of the nicest MC's walking the planet earth while the rest of my Writer's Bench brethren think he's wack. So needless to say, when ever I bring up Joe on the show cats are always trying to clown me. And if you're on their side of the fence thinking Joe is wack, bet money after you bang out to my "The Mind of Joe Budden" mixtape, there's no way you won't be jumping ship quick, fast & a hurry.

Russian Roulette
The Aftermath
Hello Expectations
Only Human
I Couldn't Help It
Sober Up
Ordinary Love Shit Parts 1 & 2
All Of Me
Dear Diary
Blood On The Wall
Are You In That Mood Yet
Ordinary Love Shit Part 3
If All Else Fails

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