Peace To The gods Mixtape

Posted On Friday, September 18, 2015

For the latest episode of my podcast The Corner Radio me & the team were chopping it up about our top 3 groups that broke our hearts when they broke up. And even tho a lot of folk never say their names when you ask this question, Brand Nubians are mos def in my top 3. I remember the first time I heard Brand Nubian's "One For All." I was in 11th grade and me and my man Rob were going out West Philly for a college fair at the old Civic Center. And from the time I pressed play on my walkman, it was a wrap. These dudes instantly knocked EVERYBODY else in the game out the box! And when I say I rocked with Brand Nubians, I REALLY rocked with Brand Nubians. Hell, back in the 11th grade I started going by Kil X and while it was mos def a salute towards Malcolm, it was also a salute to Derrick X....or Sadat for cats who don't remember when he went by Derrick. I was in total disbelief when Puba left the group and broke up the original core and even though they went on to hold it down individually, I'm still wondering 20+ years later what that sophomore album would've sounded like if cats would've stayed together. But since Doc, Marty & the DeLorean ain't pulling up to the crib anytime soon, cats might as well bang out to my "Peace To The gods" mixtape saluting one of my favorite hip hop groups ever! Salute...

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