Just Hangin' Out - Joe Budden's Slaughtermouse & In 2015 Do We REALLY Need Record Labels?

Posted On Saturday, September 26, 2015

One thing that all of my people's know about me is that I can't sit still even if I tried. That's usually how I get my hands in a 'lil bit of everything. Cats call out of too many eps of The Writer's Bench & I don't have anything to do on a Thursday night...I'll set off another podcast The Corner to keep me busy. Or I'll be up at 88.9 Strictly Hip Hop for our anniversary show and realize how much I miss the DJ's mixing & the convos we used to have up there and I'll set off The Corner Radio mixshow. So next up for the question I always hear of "what don't you do Kil?" we've got my newest podcast on deck "Just Hangin' Out." So what's the difference between my other podcasts & Just Hangin' Out? Well, The Bench and The Corner are both produced with intros, outros, a music bed for us to rock over cause I want those shows to look like a step up from all the other google hangouts where as with "Just Hangin Out" it's just rugged and raw. It's set up through Blab and it sets off with one or 2 topics and everything else spins off from that. Plus with Blab since it's live, cats can jump on with me at anytime to chop it up with us or ask questions. So for the 1st ep of "Just Hangin Out" we've got me and my dude Wood holding it down chopping it up about Joe Budden's new single "Slaughtermouse" and from that we spin off to why the shelf life of hip hop in 2015 is SO short, how itunes killed the game, the history of Philly hip hop to why the Roots fell off, what's the last pair of kicks I brought and with Run the Jewels signing to Mass Appeal Records, we chop it up about do we REALLY need record labels in 2015? And this week's cat to jump on with us was Jo Bangles outta Toronto explaining why he stopped listening to hip hop over 10+ years ago and why Macklemore is one of the new artists that he does dig. And don't get it twisted, even tho he hasn't listened to hip hop for a minute dude drops a lot of jewels on this ep! 

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