Beats By Suprimo Mixtape

Posted On Friday, March 22, 2024

If right now, at this current second you don't have DJ Premier in your top 3 of hip hop producers and if after listening to my "Beats By Suprimo" mixtape doesn't change your mind. Do me this justice and don't come 'round here anymore, unfollow me on twitter, unfriend me on facebook, we ain't friends in real life no more, we ain't related and all that good stuff. And on top of all of all that, you don't know ish about hip hop so go kill yourself. Yup...I guess that's about it.

Just To Get A Rap - GangStarr
Take It Personal - GangStarr
Outta Here - KRS One
Mass Appeal - GangStarr
Nas Is Like - Nas
Mathematics - Mos Def
Shit It Real (Remix) - Fat Joe
D. Original - Jeru Da Damaja
Represent - Nas
Next Level (Primo Remix) - Showbiz & AG
Work - GangStarr
Living Proof - Group Home
The Actual - All City
Extra Extra - Paula Perry
Royalty - GangStarr
Kick In The Door - The Notorious BIG
It's Been A Long Time - Rakim
My World - OC
Friend or Foe - Jay Z
Come Clean - Jeru Da Damaja
Brownsville - MOP
Ten Crack Commandments - The Notorious BIG

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