The Corner Radio Hosted by Kil: The Sins of Ghostwriting

Posted On Monday, August 3, 2015

"I can dig rappin, but a rapper with a ghostwriter, what the f-ck happened?" - Kendrick Lamar

That quote from KRS is the best explanation of what The Corner Radio is gonna be bringing ya'll every week. And on top of that boom bap we'll always have a dope convo, debate or an interview on tap too! So check out the newest episode where I'm chopping it up with 2 of my fav MC's Vegas and Yaw Geez about what's really good with ghostwriting in 2015, how we would feel if we found out our favorite MC didn't write their rhymes and if Drake doesn't write his rhymes, why is he part of this Sprite campaign with Nas, Big and Rakim. Plus, you get 40+ minutes of BANGIN' old school and new school hip hop! ANOTHER dope ep ya'll! And in case cats don't have time to peep the whole show and wanna get straight to the convo, skip to the 23:25 mark and you're good money.

You're The Man - Nas
Flawless - Phife
Return of the Boom Bap - KRS One
Mental Stamina - Jeru Da Damaja w/Afu Ra
Astronomy - Black Star
New Wu - Raekwon
Leflaur Lefleur Eshkroshka - The Fab Five
Kingdom - Common
Stick To Your Guns - MOP w/Kool G Rap
Pre Game - Sauce Money w/Jay Z
PRhyme Time - PRhyme
What's The Word - Boldy James
No Hesitation - Step Brothers w/Styles P
LA Drive - Dilated Peoples

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