A Touch of Jazz Mixtape

Posted On Friday, November 12, 2021

Growing up in Philly in the 80's there was only one person I wanted to be like & that was DJ Jazzy Jeff. I got my 1st turntable set up in '84 when I was 10 and for the next 3 years of my life, me and my dude Cool DJ Frank spent everyday and night trying to be Jeff. See if you lived in Philly, Jeff's name rang bells WAY before him & Will's "Girls Ain't Nuthin' But Trouble" dropped. But when their "Rock The House" album did drop it was a wrap for me. Jam Master Jay may have been the reason I wanted to be a DJ in the first place but Jeff officially became the dude I wanted to be. Cats should already know the history of Jeff's and Will's contribution to the culture so I won't bore you with that. And I also won't bore you with the fact that Philly breeds the dopest DJ's (see Cash & Tat Money for proof of that) or that Jeff is the illest DJ EVER but what won't bore you is this mix I put together of some of the dopest songs that Jeff & his production crew A Touch of Jazz have had their hands in over the past 15 years. Bet money, there's songs on here that you know like the back of your hand plus a handful of tracks that you've probably never heard. All of that to say, enjoy this mix to salute not only the dopest DJ walking the planet earth but the mastermind behind some of the dopest songs & records of the new millineum. Salute!

Back For More - Ayah
Telephone - Ayah
Just Friends - Musiq
Fun - Floetry
Shake It Off - DJ Jazzy Jeff
Tables Turn - Ayah
Floetic - Floetry
How I Do - Shawn Stockman
Make It Last - Ayah
Butterflies - Floetry
My Peoples - Raheem DeVaughn
You Are - Bilal
L Is Gone - Musiq
Don't Forget It - Glenn Lewis
Brotha - Jill Scott
Love Rain (Remix) - Jill Scott
It's Love - Jill Scott
Gotta Get Up - Jill Scott
A Long Walk - Jill Scott

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