The Corner Radio Hosted by Kil: Episode 1 with Yaw Geez

Posted On Sunday, July 26, 2015

For cats who don't know, I used to host Morgan State's underground hip hop show Strictly Hip Hop 88.9 from '93 to 2000 and those 7 years were some of the dopest years of my life. I heard a TON of dope music, music before it came out and music that never came out. Met a rack of folk and made friends who I now consider family. A couple of years ago, I started getting the jones to get back into radio and hosting again which was one one of the reasons me and Ev started The Writer's Bench and I started my podcast The Corner. Now, with the Writer's Bench some of the comments is that the show can run long from a hour and a half to two hours which is a lot of time for cats to dedicate to listening but with 5-6 cats on the Bench it's hard to keep the show for a hour.

Now, with my podcast The Corner, I usually drop a free mixtape every episode to help promote the show. And last week I was bangin' one of the mixes on the way to work and it reminded of me of those 88.9 mixes from back in the 90's and I was remembering how we used to do the "question of the week." See, back when I took over the show I started the question of the week because I remembered listening from midnight to 5am before I got the gig and hating the fact that outside of requesting a song or giving a shout out, I could never get my voice heard. So I wanted to have a part of the show to break up the 5 hours of music and have a question to not only start some dialogue between the crew at the station but with the listeners question to be able to call in and chop it up with us too. So I got the idea to combine the politicing of the Writer's Bench with the mixes I do for The Corner and freak it like we were back on the radio doing the question of the week. The show would be one hour with 40 minutes and 20 minutes of an interview or a question of the week and I could knock out 2 birds with 1 stone.

So for the first ep of The Corner Radio, I got my dude Yaw Geez from ESPN The Journey fame to sit down and chop it up with me about everything from his beginnings in the hip hop game and how he got down with ESPN to what's his favorite cheesesteak spot in Philly. Not to mention we've got 40+ minutes of bangin, classic hip hop on tap. So if you rock with the Writer's Bench and The Corner, then you'll mos def rock with my newest podcast The Corner Radio too. And in case cats don't have time to peep the whole show and wanna get straight to the convo, skip to the 23:30 mark and you're good money.

Sabotage - Gang Starr
Game Theory - The Roots
Still Shining - Mobb Deep
914 - Pete Rock w/The Lox
The Sun God - Hi Tek w/Common
Move Sumthin - Reflection Eternal
Got Cha Opin - Black Moon
Louder - Yaw Geez
The Ultimate - The Artifacts
War Games - OC w/Organized Konfusion
Not Here Anymore - Phonte
It's On - Beanie Sigel w/Jay Z
Make You A Believer - Barrel Brothers

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