The Boomin' System Mixtape

Posted On Friday, May 19, 2023

Most folk who come around here know that I'm not feeling the bulk of these new wave MC's. But the one dude I have messed with from the first time I peeped him on Dame Dash's website DD172 is Stalley. To me dude is a straight up and down blue collar MC. It's no floss or no glamour and glitz to his style, it's just straight up and down dope lyrics and dope beats. I was shook for a minute when he signed with Rick Ross' Maybach Music cause I thought Ross was gonna try to change dude but his mixtape "Savage Journey To The American Dream" which was done under Ross' watchful eyes was even doper then his "Lincoln Way Nights" (which was dope in it's own right) mixtape to me. All of that to say that if cats mess with REAL hip hop, ya'll need to join me in banging this best of Stalley mix I put together & do the knowledge on money cause he's dope!

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