Queensbridge Murderers Mixtape

Posted On Friday, November 30, 2018

From hosting the Writer's Bench, I've made some comments that have a lot of cats thinking I don't mess with certain MC's/groups. I dropped my Marcy 11206 mixtape last week with some of my fav Jay Z songs (which is FAR from a "greatest hits") to show that I have nuthin' but love for Mr. Carter. And this week I'm dropping my Queensbridge Murderers mixtape to put to rest any hoopla that I don't mess with Mobb Deep. I've definitely had some choice words about P's subject matter, especially some 20 years later after "The Infamous" dropped but trust me when I tell you that I know that when P was on...dude was on. So there's no way that I could EVER front on the music these 2 cats have cooked up over the years and prayerfully this mix can dead any rumblings that got cats thinking otherwise. Salute.

Quiet Storm
Drop A Gem
Give Up The Goods
Still Shinin
Survival of The Fittest
Shook Ones Part 2
Drink Away The Pain
Hell On Earth
GodFather Part 3
Street Life
Back At You (Remix)
Shook Ones
Trife Life
The Realset
Eye For An Eye

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