Banned From TV: Daredevil

Posted On Friday, April 24, 2015

I can't front, I've never been a big Daredevil fan. In fact prior to his End of Days series, I've never even read a Daredevil comic. I mean, I knew the bare basics of dude, blind lawyer who beefs with the Kingpin, blah blah blah but other then that, I got nuthin. And trust me when I tell you that the Daredevil movie didn't do anything to help to bring me on board with dude either. But that End of Days I mentioned earlier which was an 8 issue "who done it" series was actually the first time I ever really got into Daredevil and that series was REAL dope. So, when I heard that Netflix was gonna be doing an original series on Daredevil, at first I got hype. I mean, Netflix is winning right about now with House of Cards & Orange Is the New Black but then I had to fall back for a minute because, yeah, they're winning with "those" kinda shows but can they pull off bringing a super hero to the screen? That's the real question.

Well, after 2 week of OD'ing on Daredevil my verdict is that it's a dope show. And just so we're all on the same page, that dope is equivalent to a 3 mics dope. First off, since I don't know the history of Daredevil, I can't tell you if they did a good job of getting characters like Foggy Nelson and the Kingpin right but I can tell you that the characters, their story lines and their backstories are dope enough to keep me interested. I won't front tho the first couple of episodes really didn't grab me like that but by episode six I was hooked. The fight scenes were just aiight to me (but NO WHERE close to Banshee's. Never heard of Banshee? Kill yourself right now) but I think the dopest part of the series for me was getting a better understanding of what Daredevil's powers actually are and how he freaks them. Now, that was the good, but if you're only getting 3 mics from me, then best believe there's some bad on the way.

Now, I don't know if this was true to the comic but even if  it was, having to see this dude rock this tee shirt/doorag tied around his face for 12 episodes was REAL wack to me. I could see him rocking it for the 1st couple of eps but damn near 95% of the series? Nah bruh. It was so bad my wife came down stairs and was like "what are you watching with dude looking like Dumb Donald from Fat Albert? And the 2nd thing was the fight scenes. Especially the final fight between dude & the Kingpin. I mean, it's the freaking final fight scene of the entire series, this jawn is supposed to be epic! And that's FAR from what we got. At one point it actually looks like the Kingpin was beating him like he was a little kid who skipped school instead of trying to kill his arch enemy. But other then those two things (which was damn near throughout the whole series) Netflix mos def came correct with their first time stepping into the squared circle of super heroes. I guess when I was a shorty growing up, a dude with a handicap who's a super hero didn't sound like the most exciting storyline in the world to me. But now as a 41 year old, that same storyline kinda intrigues me now. It intrigued me enough to even check out the series in the first place and now I'm grabbing up any old issues of Daredevil that I can get my hands on. But my first piece of advice for the powers that be before they even think about shooting the 1st episode of season 2 is to hire whoever choreographs the fight scenes for Banshee (there's that name again) and get them on board like Phife said, not now but right now.

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