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Posted On Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Yup, I'm back at it with another headphone review. What happened to my Beats Solo HD's I just copped and reviewed you ask? Welp, the jawns flaked out on me and stopped playing in the left ear so it was back to Best Buy to re up with something else. But now I'm on my Leaders of The New School jawn like "what's next?" Cause if you peeped my last review about the Beats Solo 2's vs. the Solo HD's, then you peeped that the Solo 2's were absolutely KILLING my ears! The grip that the 2's had were just sick. I tried stretching them every night on my studio monitors hoping to loosen them up but no haps so it was back to the HD's which I loved. The only problem is now the HD's are almost non existent on the shelves since the 2's dropped so the only thing left on tap were the Beats Studios. Now, I did the knowledge of the Beats Studios before I went back to the HD's but I read a couple of reviews and weren't really feeling the cons cats were listing for them so I fell back but at this point I feel like I gotta cop the Studios cause what's left on tap? Now, I already know what some of my audiophiles folk are thinking...what about about a pair of dope sennheisers or some bower & wilkens cans? And the simple answer to that is, I rock with Beats lines like sneaker junkies rock with J's. Beats have never let me down outside of making those Solo 2's damn near being the death grip of life for my ears. And if I don't have a beef with you, why would I stop rocking with you? Plus I already got my sennheisers HD 280 pros on tap for when I'm mixing in pro tools or making a beat on the maschine, so I just need a pair of cans for everyday listening. So, after copping the Studios and after rocking with them for a minute just how dope are they? Welp, trust me when I say that they're real dope, I REALLY mean they're dope!

First off, the Studios are mad comfortable. None of the squeezing my head til it's about to explode jazz like the 2's so that's real good money for me. Second, these sound quality is MUCH better then the Solo HD's & the 2's. For the past 3 years that I've been rocking with the Solo's the volume on my mac book, ipad or phone has always been on 10 (or whatever the max is) for me to get the most punch out the headphones. With the studios, I'm rocking at around 5 or 6 to get that exact same knock I need. And before these Studios, I've never paid any attention to those warnings you always see about how "listening to music at high volumes can cause damage blah, blah, blah" til now cause listening to music on the max on these Studios will mos def come close to killing your eardrums...EASILY! Third, the noise cancellation feature on these cans are bananas cause I can sit in the living room with my daughter while she's watching "Annie" on FULL BLAST while singing her heart out and I didn't hear one thing. Did you hear what I just said? I didn't hear ONE THING! Now, maybe you have to be a parent to be able to truly understand how incredible that is but trust me, it's REALLY incredible to the point these Studios may actually bring me a lil more sanity in my house which could put a couple more years on my life. 

Plus, the concerns I had about the Studios from those reviews are all null and void. At first I was worried about the whole hiss you hear from the noise cancellation feature but that doesn't affect the music at all. You would literally have to play marco polo with the hiss to be able to BARELY hear it. The other thing I was worried about was having to charge the Studios up every night but they can keep a charge for up to 20 hours so for the most part you're good unless you're gonna be up an entire day listening to music. Plus it probably only take a good hour to a hour and a half for these to go from 0-100 and being fully charged so charging them isnn't  a problem. Plus you've got a fuel gauge on tap on the right headphone that lets you know how much juice you've got left before you've got to charge them again. So at the end of the day, I've got absolutely no beef with the Studios and if these jawns can keep the outside world outta my head when I'm in my music bag, these cans may very well become my new best friend.

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