Secret Wars: Gotham By Midnight

Posted On Saturday, January 31, 2015

I never rocked with DC Comics like that when I was growing up. In fact, outside of Batman and Aquaman I thought everybody else was a bunch of cornballs compared to the heroes on the Marvel side of things. Even the cities these cats protected were wack, well all the cities 'cept Gotham. See, looking at Metropolis and Gotham was just like looking at the suburbs and the hood. And growing up in Philly, I didn't know nuthin' about the suburbs so Gotham was always my spot. Plus the crime was iller in Gotham, the villians were iller in Gotham so Gotham was always the perfect backdrop for what the inner city was to me. So when I peeped this new series "Gotham By Midnight" I thought it was a new series about the caped crusader but it really has nuthin to do with Batman at all. See, "Gotham By Midnight" deals with the supernatural stuff that goes down in Gotham. Now, you may be asking yourself, what could be more supernatural then clowns who kill people, chicks who dress up like cats, talking scarcrows and walking penguins? But this series lets you know how REALLY ill Gotham gets after dark.

The series sets off with the 13th Precinct which is the GCPD Detailed Case Task Force getting a visit from Internal Affair's agent Lieutenant Weaver because there's four folk on payroll there but there's never been a single arrest and the powers that be think there's some kinda fraud going on. So Weaver's here to basically shut ish down. Corrigan, who's the head of this secret task force gets to chop it up with Batman from time to time so the Dark Night can give him case files & Corrigan will let him know which ones are supernatural and which ones are just crimes. The case Corrigan takes deals with a kidnapping of two sisters but Weaver's still not buying it since the girls were returned home a week ago and the case was closed. Corrigan tells Weaver to take this ride with him to the girl's house since he wants to see what they do so bad and that's where they come across the two girls talking some mumbo jumbo that Corrigan says is not a living language which then leads them to an abandoned house in the swamps outside the Gotham city limits. Wanna know what's in the house in the swamps? Welp, you're gonna have to dig into the series to find out for yourself. But I can tell you this, if you're a supernatural X Files, Twilight Zone kinda dude like I am, you'll mos def rock with "Gotham By Midnight."

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