I Can't Call It: "Fash-ionable Late" - Fashawn

Posted On Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Fashawn is a problem. Never heard of dude? Then you don't keep your ears open in these hip hop streets...it's that simple. Your fave rapper Nas knows Fash is a problem which is why he just signed money to his new Mass Appeal label. So you might as well do the knowledge on Fash now so you can be ahead of the curve when he blows and this new EP that Fash and Alchemist "Fash-ionably Late" is a dope spot to get started. Now if you know me then you already know that I feel that Al is the illest producer walking the planet so teaming him up with one of the illest MC's in the game is only gonna produce some of that nasty scrunch up your face hip hop that I live for.

"Po For President" sets everything off and has Fash going in, "Fash here cashmere cut from a rich cloth/you a pup I'm a big dog, I'm just dusting my clip off/I pull up you should get lost nigga or get your wig tossed/hollow tip will leave you rib cage criss crossed/puffin my cigar pull a nug out the big jar/paint a portrait like Renour I've been raw/top of the hill like Sen Dog the kid's gone/and leave the penicillin for their sick thought/can't sit calm this a motion picture ya'll not a sitcom/that's top ramen homie, this filet mignon/the dominant one your timing is done/when I vomit on top of the drum your noggin get numb/the prophet sincere since the aga begun/starting with nada listening to Nautilus drum/gunning my nautica youngin fuck what you thought it was/I should have called the pastor instead I called the pub/respect money and power what he represents/ya'll expected him to never win/now it's Po for president." "Professor F" is some ole crazy chaotic Alchemist meets the Bomb Squad mash up and has Fash losing it, "I'm far from a five percenter, tote 5's to survive the winter/a night mare to you rhyme beginers, you're light years behind admit it/nigga speed up cause we over the limit, the weed crushed and so is the linen/I KO when I'm finished grab a hold of the chemist, I'm controlling the rhymes, he's controlling the rhythm."

"Amen" is one of those menacing laid back ALC beats that makes me love this dude so damn much while "The Plantation" sounds straight out a 70's blaxploitation flick and has Fash telling the ill story of some skin heads coming to the hood crashing a house party but it's "Songs In F Minor" that takes the cake on this EP. Originally this jawn was on Al's "Cutting Room Floor 3 but it's still just as ridiculous as it was when I first heard it. First things first, you got Al freaking the Hawaii Five O sample made famous by Diamond D for Fat Joe's "Flow Joe" and then freaks it into the Bohannon sample made famous by Ed OG for Be A Father To Your Child." See this is just one of the many examples of why Al is the problem child he is and ya'll notice I haven't even spoke on Fash yet. So then you add Fash to the mix with breaking down the break up with his shorty and you've got some real ill ish on tap. "tell me how could you disrespect me in public, you can come and get the rest of your luggage/this has nothing to do with fame sh-t I came from nothing, and I know when I b-tch brains corrupted/still in awe not Eve wondering why Eve, the one who gave birth supposed to be the earth to my seed/if I could press rewind I never would've put my hands on you, never read the manual things that a man should do/I'll admit I've had a few April, Danielle, Rachel, Amber too/the furthest thing from a family dude/showed us pictures of me somewhere on camera nude/sh-t I tried but honestly the concept of monogamy is not for me/only thing I'm afraid of is commitment, I'm sorry but this relationship has ended, now stya up out my business" and that's the first verse! I won't hold you tho, "Never Waiting In Vain" is kinda to the far left (no pun intended) cause the beat doesn't sound nuthin like an Alchemist beat we're used to hearing and it's nothing I'd ever expect Fash to rhyme over and the chorus is kinda suspect but it's still cool regardless.

But the banger off this for me is "Dreams" featuring Evidence. Not even sure how to explain this jawn, it's just that regular Alchemist dirt that we've all come to love and Fash just kills it, "trying to see millions in profits an still be philanthropic, drilling a Brazilian as I chill in the topics/rockin like I know Bob Dylan is watching, acib taps for Jimi and Janis Joplin/hard to get rid of me, I'm like herpes/known to give the mic mercy, I gave them content they wanted controversy/well here you have it gladly causing the static/equiped with a big d-ck clip for my automatic/since back when gangsters still called guns ratchets I personify a figure you idolize/women in all flavors like Haagen Dazs beggin to give me top/never been on a yacht, I left from right on the dock/f-ck yourself with a flesh light, I'm the reason jaguar made the F type, it's Shawn. "Whenever it comes to damn near anything that Al has his hand in, I always walk away with what I was expecting (which is disgusting hip hop) and "Fash-ionably Late" is no different. These two may actually sound better together then Al and Ev do and that right there ain't an easy thing to do. All I can say about "Fash-ionably..." is that if this doesn't make you hype for Fash's album then you don't like hip hop...yeah, it's that simple when it comes to Fash.

4 outta 5 mics

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